Non-Deathless SoR is kinda weak

I was running a BM/SoR build with the Mind Sweeper Com. Went only two points into TRL so I could keep health gate and Tenacious Defense.

Sadly, the damage provided by Desperate Measures just isn’t worth it with this build. Things were taking forever to die and even worse, when I switched to BM/DW with the same COM, not only was I doing a ton more damage thanks to Pull the Holy Pin and Short Fuse (and this is with NON-splash weapons like Shreddifier or Faisor), but I was even more survivable because I could spam grenades for health regen, even if my shields dropped more often. And I didn’t have to worry about armored enemies negating healing grenades.

SoR also suffers from Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Defense requiring multiple kills to get stronger, but due to the massive amount of health a lot of the enemies have, especially if a badass comes around, it’s hard to keep the buffs up, which causes the damage to suffer even more. DiB is the worst offender with its really short uptime.

It’d be nice if we got a BM/SoR based COM that procs kills skills easier like Zane instead of bad ones like Green Monster which doesn’t even have basic things like decaying stacks and ruins your damage if you remove your finger from the trigger for even a moment.

For now, I guess I’ll be sticking with BM/DW as I kill things so much faster.


I think you may be running things wrong or have a build that honestly just doesnt synergize. Blood letter eveeveb without deathless can be very very good. There is even a invincible build based on it. You should honestly do more research on what others have done instead of relying on yourself

Yes, the survivability is good on it. I mentioned that. BBB + Tenacious Defense + healing grenade + last stand Otto Idol is great. Doesn’t change the fact that the damage output on it isn’t that great.

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Mind Sweeper setups I think always need at minimum pull the holy pin from DW. The skill just adds so much damage to the com. It also creates the possibility of chain reactions that can just delete bosses. Preferably also Vampyr as you’re so close already may as well sink the points into healing.

Outside of Mind Sweeper builds I think SoR without Deathless is perfectly fine. The trick however is you need a non kill dependent damage buff or 2 to get you started. I like the multiplicative ones because they’re big and not hard to come by. So any variation of splash/aoe, specific weapon type boosts and elemental boosts work.

Blast Master I’d say is the top com for a set up like this as it gives you Vampyr without having to go down DW. Furthermore the splash damage bonus fits the bill perfectly as a big multiplicative damage boost that doesn’t require kills.

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Yeah, I was playing around with a Blast Master com with a BM/SoR build. It worked out pretty nice, but I wasn’t sure if it could compete with Short Fuse + even a larger chance of crits with Pull the Holy pin.

Kinda, ironic, though. That the best com for a non-DW build is called Blast Master and is based about splash damage. I guess it shows just how necessary Vampyr and PthP is.


With how powerful splash is in this game a gun has to be seriously powerful to compete. Splash/aoe is an easy to find stat roll that is free multiplicative damage.

I’m just busy uploading a quick 2 minute clip of me vs Lectra city at MH4 applying what I said above. The set up looks a bit funny as I generally run an elemental projector deathless on it, but decided to swap it out for the first non deathless I had with smg damage. I think I loaded in to fast as I definitely went down to Short Fuse, but otherwise the run is clean and I killed at a decent rate.

I’ll link it when it’s uploaded.

PTHP yes, Vampyr can be skipped for a deathless set up and you’ll be fine with a BBB for pretty much any map barring shaft and takedown.

Here’s the video, sorry about my clumsiness, as I said this isn’t a regular set up. The annointments on my gear can be pretty much ignored as I never entered Iron Bear.

I run a sor deathless and non deathless green monster and it SHREADS especially in mobs you should check it out. I drf found a way to make green monster perfect with the right build but I def think the com needs a buff

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