Non-elemental Atlas weapons: is this intentional or just bugged?

Pretty much the title. Most of Atlas gear i saw (100+ hrs in BL3 already, plus heard about it from my friends) didn’t have an elemental modifiers, except the few legendaries like Hex and Rebel’s Yell.
So, here’s the question: is this actually a thing or just a bug/glitch?


Well I have 2 Atlas weapons that do Explosive damage.
Gauged Linc and Ruby’s Wrath.

It is possibly a thing.
Jakobs has no elemental damage modifers either.
One way to change this is to play Amara. Her infusion skill will convert some damage from any gun to elemental.
Setting people on fire with a Jakobs or Atlas Carbine is quite fun :slight_smile:

Jakobs hasn’t made elemental weapons since day one… it’s intentional. Except in this game with some legendaries, apparently.

Atlas made elemental weapons in the original Borderlands, so I think this is quite a fair question to ask. Also I didn’t even realize…

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Incorrect. Jacobs has several guns with elemental damage in BL2.

Greed - Incendiary
Stinkpot - Corrosive
Cobra - Explosive
Twister - Shock
Hot Mama - Incendiary

Multiple Jakobs guns in BL2 and BL3 have elemental versions.

In BL3, the Rowens Call and Kings/Queens Call are random elementals. I have an incdendiary Rowens and chock King

I think he was asking about normal purple or below weapons not being elemental.

One of my absolute favorite guns to roll with is my Jakobs Traitors Death. It’s a quest reward unique purple. Lever Action AR, that does pretty decent dmg (around 1300) and has a 25% chance to do double dmg as incendiary. You get it for completing the “Going Rogue” quest

Explosive is no longer an elemental effect.


There’s only one Atlas weapon that registers with elemental damage and that’s the Carrier Legendary Assault Rifle, but only the tracking bullet deals Shock damage, the main fire is non-elemental.

It was mentioned officially somewhere before launch that I can’t be bothered to search for. But you can take a gander at the damage types chart in this thread:

It’s been spread around in various forms. I think there’s even some form of it in game. Explosive damage is just normal, non-elemental damage like bullets. Which is “kinetic” now.