Non-elemental Damage? What?

Skin of the Ancients provides a whopping 25.9% non-elemental damage resistance. Considering that this consists of melee attacks and bullets, that’s a pretty good amount of attacks. How is this not overpowered as all hell?

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Because it effectively only gives you 25.9% more health and shields to my understanding, but in its own separate formula. It is also only for one damage type, so anything else will still do full damage to you. Plus DPS relics like the Bone, Sheriff’s Badge, ect… are generally favored. Especially when you factor in the bonus cooldown from the Bone.

But just straight up damage reduction is amazing, and it makes gear like the Blockade some of the best in the game.

This thread goes in depth on how damage reduction works. And shows how it isn’t what you may be thinking as “damage mitigation”, but instead basically giving both your health and shields bonus hit points (HP).

So in terms of pure defense, Skin is the best relic you can possibly have? Are there any other DPS relics, that aren’t Ancients or focusing on one particular weapon?

That is all based on your build and character. Krieg and Nurse Maya love a Blood of the Ancients. The cooldown part of the Bone is defensive in a way as it allows characters like Maya to have her crowd control more often, ect…

Weapon type I assume.

  • Shadow of the Seraphs is another one of the best DPS relics in the game.
  • Explosive relics are Bones w/out cooldown, as Bones can’t come in explosive.
  • Allegiance relics. Specifically Jacobs and Torgue. (Other manufacturers are good too, but Bones tend to make them obsolete.)
  • I know you said no Ancients, but I just wanted to say Blood of the Ancients and Stockpile relics are technically DPS relics too as they give you more bullets to shoot when you’d otherwise run out and not be shooting.

Yes…mix a Skin with 3 resistances and a shield boost…or two resistances and two shield boosts…

with a Blockade and OH MY!

But Bones are just soooooo hard to pass up.

If only the Explosive Damage Relic included a cooldown bonus like a Bone…for Axton it would be nirvana!