Non-gameplay customization

Hi y’all. I was just thinking about how you could import logos for your ships in HW2 when I realized I haven’t heard any discussion about customization. I was thinking that the guys at gearbox might just be focusing on geting HWR just running in time for the open multiplayer beta that they might have placed customization on a back burner (or maybe they forgot about it, but that’s probibly unlikely).

That being said, what are some Non-gameplay customization features that you would like to see in the multiplayer? I thought up a quick list of things I kindof want after thinking them up.

  1. Logos and paint. Obvious bring-alongs from HW2, but maybe they could expand paint in HWR (extra paint layers, alternetive schemes, ect. They could also have exclusive schemes that you could buy for charity drives).

  2. Ship naming. Have a pre-set list of names you could have for destroyers, carriers, and battlecrusers. I don’t know about you guys, but I would want to see a battle between the Hiigaran battlecruiser “big booty hustler” and a bomber laiden carrier named “the pimpmobile”.

  3. Clan victory music. The OMO clan could serenade the youngsters with Marvin Gaye as they watch their all of their motherships blow up.

What do you guys think.

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Really? For you it’s funny? For me not, I don’t want to see any stupid named ships, any custom “my little pony” or pornographic badges.

I’m pretty sure you could import whatever badges you wanted in HW2 multiplayer. I remember winding up with some rather suggestive badges in my badge repository after playing a multiplayer match one time (I’m assuming one of my opponents was using the badge). Honestly I didn’t mind; I hope they let us continue to import badges in Remastered.

Yes, it was all apart of my plan to ruin your experience with crude humor and pornagraphy. Foiled in my plot!