Non-gunzerking Gunzerker?

Is there a level 72 build for Sal that gives you the option of not gunzerking continuously through mobs? Curious to know what other play-styles are viable with this character end-game (not OP though). Thanks!

@VaultHunter101 I’m not sure if you’re asking for a build that limits Gunzerking duration or for a build that avoids Gunzerking as much as possible.

If it’s the former then don’t put points into Last Longer and Yippie Kay Yay.

If it’s the latter, then check out DScarface’s Proof of Concept over on the old forums.

Either way will be challenging.

It barely worked though.

I agree. I’m not an advocate either but just trying to be objective and answer the question.

I know I’m just letting him know it barely worked.

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Thanks for the feedback - I was mainly wondering if there was a build that would work without having gunzerking active continuously at the upper levels, but apparently not. I understand that two guns blazing basically defines Sal, just finding it gets a little monotonous after a bit.

I’ve been steadily levelling up all 6 characters - got Axton and Maya to 72 so far, Sal just hit 70, then Gaige, Zer0, and Kreig are trailing ~6 levels behind each other. Last time with Sal was Lair of Infinite Agony, which is pretty well named - got through it solo while also doing the Simon & Crumpocalypse side quests, but it’s not one of my favourites. It was quite a different experience at TVHM, largely because you weren’t quite so dependent on continuous gunzerking to survive (but had it when you needed it, like a “get out of jail” card in Monopoly)

Edit: Got down to page 3 on that thread so far, and it’s an interesting read. Obviously a lot of thought and experimentation went into this. Seems like I could make it work for level 72 only, but as you said it wouldn’t be easy (plus I’m still lacking some of the gear until I’ve levelled to 72). So I’ll file it in my “maybe try this” file for later reading! Thanks again.

Why not just change up your weapon combinations, class mod, and build rather than go to the extreme of not Gunzerking? That’s part of the fun of dual wielding.

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I suppose you could play zerk-less, with some propper gear and playstyle you could play Sal like you were using Axton but without his turrets, although I see little point in doing so considering how much of his skills either buff gunzerking or buff situations where you should be gunzerking and for this reason, skillpoints distribution won’t really matter much…

If i recall correctly, I was able to level my gunzerker char from 50 to 61 without gunzerking (don’t really remember why I did it tho) by using a hoarder com for ammo-regen and accuracy/high damage weapons like the buffalo, maybe with weapons such as the Bekah, Pimp or Hail you could get good-enough performance for 72, keep in mind though it will be painfully slow and way too risky if something manages to push through your mid/long-ish range.

To some extent I already do that - I’m switching weapons both as I’m tackling different types of enemies and as I’m levelling up. My current choice of COMs is rather limited (seem to get more relics than COMs with my gunzerker) - I have a couple I switch between at the moment, depending on if I’m solo or co-op. I think I was just tired after the endless mobbing that is “Lair” and need something different! I might start up Hammerlock before finishing Dragon Keep, just for some variety for the last couple of levels.

why not just use a different character if you don’t want to dual wield…? you’re taking away what makes salvador a unique character

I’m running all six VHs up to 72. My issue with Sal is basically that I get bored with the constant dual wielding. I find Maya much more fun to play.

look into afro samurai’s orphanzerker in the old forums. its a fun play style.

You could go with melee Salvador for the lulz. :stuck_out_tongue: