Non Interactive Sequences Tool?

Do we have any tools for creating NIS (Non Interactive Sequences), official or otherwise? I was able to find one program for HW2 Classic but couldn’t run it on my computer.

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Good call would be epic to get something out like that for all the sp modder lovers… Who knows it might benefit such mods which increase surviability of HwRm in a long term.

I hope they’ll include that tool in the final version of HWR toolkit.

The thing to remember with NIS files is that there are 3 formats. The old HW1 NIS files given some shine, the old HW1 NIS files up-converted to the new HW2 format, and the actual HW2 format. I wrote a tool that pushes HW1 NIS files to DAE; then another that pulls them back from DAE into ‘semi HW2 format’. Lots of stuff in HW2 format itself is really, really complex. Very, very ‘Maya’-centric.

On top of that, NIS files are 90% script - knowing what objects there are, timing various events and triggers, etc.

I’d need a serious amount of time to finish my half-assed tool for proper ‘from scratch’ NIS authoring. Granted, I know the ins and outs quite well, so it’s not completely impossible - but really, really, really hard.

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Honestly at this point I think I would be happy with camera and ship movement path exporting since a lot of things are in the scripts like you said.

I believe that the HW1 format had two components, a .nis file containing Camera / Ship movements, and a .script file containing a script for the scene (speech events, hide/show ships, camera effects).

Is the HW2 format much more complicated than that?

EDIT: The .script file seems to be pretty similar between HW1 and HW2, and can be edited by hand. So all one really needs is someway to edit the .nis file itself.

The HW2 format NIS (both normal and ‘converted from HW1’) are quite complex. The native HW2 format NIS files are very complex, and that’s putting it lightly.