Non-internet (system link or local network) multiplayer?

I run the video gaming department of a convention, and we like to have one team-based competitive multiplayer game running through the weekend, but we don’t have internet access because it is prohibitively expensive. Will Battleborn offer an option for system-linked consoles or local network multiplayer? Or will it be online only?

I would assume that you can play by yourself with bots from what the trailers show so with that said I would assume that system link will be available. Then again I am not a dev and have not been able to play either the demo or the beta yet so I cannot say so for sure.

You can play with up to 2 players on one console (not for PC, obviously). Given that Borderlands 2 allowed LAN connections, I would assume Battleborn would as well. So if you wanted to have a 5v5 LAN party going, at minimum you would need 6 consoles and 6 TVs.

To the best of my knowledge they have not said anything on the matter really, pretty much what the last person said though. So far they have said there will be single player, online multiplayer, and splitscreen, but nothing about LAN either way. Hopefully it will be there though :slight_smile:

Also side not about the bots, I remember them talking about them but I believe they said they might, but their was a lot more info needed for it, like how smart/dumb they are, how they fight, how they respond, exc. Again I can’t quote exacts on this because I don’t remember where it was from, but it sounded like they wanted that option, but they were not going to sweat it if it didn’t make it in time for the initial release

That does sound familiar yest and who know it might be an update after game releases if it doesn’t make it in initial release if A.) They want to do it really bad or B.) Fans really want that to be an option.

With that said i would expect various ways to play the game other than multiplayer and strait up single player do to how one Gearbox does things with games like this and two a few of randy pitchfords remarks as well as other devs remarks on the multiplayer ability of the game when interviewed