Miko is not only support, We has poisons and we DOES do a decent amount of dmge, stop telling us to stand in the back and be your little pocket healer please, There are matches that we win, that We are top kills even, We can take thrall camps on our own in no time while taking no dmge doing it…We know the CC real well too, point is we dont only have to heal…

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Correct. But a good Miko player knows when to heal and when to do damage/CC. If a player is running to you with half health and you run past him multiple times without healing him, you are not doing your job.


exactly, im just so tired of being told stop trying to do dmge just stick nxt to a tank…

dont normally play as miko but agreed people need to understand that just because it says support or defender doesnt mean they have to do that shayne can be a great tank with a 840 point sheild and a 225 oversheild with every fetch when spec right even though they are attacker.

There should be a title called (paraphrasing Charlie Watts) “I’m not your healer, you’re my tank”

Totally agree :acmaffirmative: