Non-player ship hostility?

In HW1C you could place ships on a map that belonged to no players, not even CPU players.

These ships would sit still until you flew close by, when they would turn to attack you.

Can you do this in HWRM? It was not possible in HW2C.

I think so.
Happy Gelium, a modder, made a map for me where the Kadeshi frigates kept harassing all players in-game.

Do you still have this map?

It’s “pre-patch”, don’t know if it’s gonna work, gimme 5m, I’ll put a link here.
I think I have altered the background, it should be the Garden of Kadeshi background.
by @SirRunOn

It does seem to work! But I wonder if there is a way to turn this behavior on and off in the level file?

Whatever the case, it’s still an improvement over HW2C. :slight_smile: