Non-sf gun build?

Hello! Ever since the scaling for m 10, I’ve been focused heavily on a short fuse build. No matter what I change about the other two trees I have to get the skill because it yanks a lot of things up into top tier, as it should.

Yesterday I started using a queen’s call with a dw/sor build and it absolutely melts trash mobs. However, I went o try sor/bm and it just didn’t have the same umph as with SF.

I don’t know if you have to gear your build more carefully or if I just suck at chosing talents but I can’t seem to get it to work without short fuse.

Does anyone have suggested builds for this?

Are you looking for something that works specifically with the Kings/Queens Call or just something that doesn’t spec into Short Fuse?

I think I’m looking for something more general that doesn’t require SF. I hate feeling like every time I wanna try a new weapon, I have to respec to accommodate it. The only talent that allows for that flexibility seems to be SF, but I thought maybe there was a non-SF build out there that includes a lot of variety still. (E.g. class mod+ these passives+ this synergy of talents)

I assume you also aren’t looking for a piloting build then – no real reason to go all the way down to SF for that.

Here are some build ideas from the past few weeks (skill trees are in the description):

A chuck build:

A no heal/no grenade rocket launcher build:

Facepuncher build:

Lucky 7 build:

I’ve got a few other build ideas on my channel that include SF, but it is not mandatory.

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I take it you want freedom of gun choice without Short Fuse or Meta stuff? I did a test run of Queen’s Call and this (Red/Green tree Variant) works fine…it’s basically SoR, BM, and URad:

Yea, you’re losing a LOT of damage without Short Fuse, but that doesn’t make it impossible to run anything else.

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Thanks for the vids. I’ll take a look

@WxndaBread thanks. I was thinking urad might be a good alternative but you lose healthgate for it. That’s a huge trade-off. I’ll watch the video tho. I appreciate the suggestion.

On net, building for bonus elemental damage is going to result in less dps than building for splash – especially now that bonus projectiles are gone.

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Yeah that’s prob why the biggest dps is gonna be a splash based urad build for Moze.

You actually may get more use out of the 300/90v2 anoint for mobbing.

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I use that for my keenfire setup and…holy crap.

But yeah for rockets? 100. Wonder if the queen’s call could get mileage out of it.

I don’t believe the ricochets benefit from v2 if the enemy drops below 90% health before they connect. Guns with multiple pellets that hit at once do benefit greatly from it though – Sandhawk, Boom Sickle, etc.

Not that huge…just requires a different play style…No matter the build you choose, Moze’s survivability sucks, I’d argue even worse than Fl4k’s (at least you have Fade Away, fast cooldown, pets distractions, etc), while you only have Iron Bear, which plays like a different character entirely.

IMO, without Short Fuse, Mindsweeper or URad, you’re crippling yourself (at least with the weapons you’re trying to use)…I like to think that killing fast also helps you survive…that way your enemy never has the chance to down you.

Can short fuse proc on the secondary pellets? I can’t remember.

It would just be another way that DPS is increased with short fuse.

That’s a good point. with a few exceptions I have found survivability tends to be best with SOR, but I feel like you lose a lot of damage output from crit bonuses and iron bear when you don’t have bottomless mags.

I’ve just used short fuse for so long I want to try something new!! Lol

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Jakob’s ricochets can proc Short Fuse.

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I feel that :muscle:

Nothing stopping you from having green AND red tree, with a little blue tree for Iron Bear duration.

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I did that before mayhem 10 I guess. I may give it another shot.

Is Tenacious defense additive with all the other gun damage bonuses? Might not be worth getting if so, even though it procs with ASS anointments.

Beautiful. Moze needs more skills as cool as that

Additive. Might be worth getting if you did a red/green Facepuncher/Knifedrain/Stinger shield build.

Edit: Now that I think of it, that could be pretty cool. I am going to work on one tonight.

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Man that white elephant setup does well with moze no matter what you spec for!

Look out for spark plug white elephants.

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