Non-taunt taunts, or, ways to say good game

So, yesterday, after a particularly difficult 1v1 battle with My Doppelganger on the other team playing as orendi, I managed to defeat my foe. I wished at the time that I’d been able to throw a taunt that wasn’t malicious, funny, or degrading. I know there are a few characters who have taunts in this manner, Ernest and Miko and immediately come to mind, but I’d love to see at least one for every character. Just a way to say “hey that was a really good fight!” Do any other taunts from other characters come to mind that day much the same thing to anyone else?


This was one of the things I liked about Chaos mode.
At the end of a game the majority of players all acted with respect and said GG.

Let’s put some good ol respect in this game. Bring it Gearbox!


One of Alani’s secret taunts is a bow. It is nice…unless she’s says an overconfident line with it.

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Toby’s default taunt.
Phoebe’s kiss taunt.
Miko even has two of such taunts.

Marquis’ default one would go too if he doesn’t say something misanthropic.

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Phone’s kiss taunt isn’t so friendly as she expresses it in an arrogant manner.

All the taunts coming from Toby are adorable and hilarious. You can’t get mad at those.


Imagine if you’re being killed over and over and over by a little penguin a quarter of your size. Now imagine he tells you that you can do it. You’re right I can do it. I can rip the little flippers off of his stun locking body!
But yeah, it’s so sincere it feels worse than if it was sarcastic because it’s belittling


I always thought phobe’s kiss was pretty snarky personally. I’m surprised Rath doesn’t have one honoring a foe

Yep, that’s accurate. In the right (wrong) frame of mind, you could easily take it as "Love you! I mean, your corpse that I’m riding all the way to Worthy of Song!"
And trah, you’d think Rath would have one. He had great ones anyways though, no room for honor

After 600h of gameplay I think all the taunts induce rage in pvp. So I tend to not taunt at all unless I get taunted first. Nobody likes to get killed and then “oh, hey, a kiss for you… or oh hey, look at my cigar…, or oh hey, look at my finger in my eye”. ^^

But I find them funny in different situations, like - while waiting for a match to start, after killing a boss or sentry, or after winning a match.

But if you taunt after every kill, this is just BM and doesn’t add anything good to a game.


True to Point, but after a highly contested kill, a respectful bow from Miko or a salute from Ernest makes me smile

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I think Galilea should have a taunt corresponding her dramatic reactions to kills, like kneeling and punching a ground while gurgling “I did it gain, when will it stop”. One could not be angry about her taunting that way.
BTW She actually thanks for being slayed, cute.

PS Personally I’m not a big fan of one taunt for all ocasions, I’d see it more like a set of Bb specific taunts, ti separate taunt for aeach and every Bb one kills. Fi:
I kill Miko - I smash some mushrooms on a grass
I kill Montana - I say it’s all gonna be OK, and he can stop crying
I kill Benedict - I parody his taunt…
I kill Kleese, …I stroke his cat :wink:


That would be a taunt I would actually pay money for.


Question: what do you do when a Miko or Ambra sits there healing you? I typically taunt if it’s a fast one (mainly Thorn) or for almost every dituation, I just jump up and down and hope they understand

Hehe, yeah, when Miko heals me and we are at a safe distance from all the enemies I sometimes do a taunt if it’s funny for that situation. Like the one Boldur has where he swings his ass and then Miko responds with a head shake imitation ^^

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This is a very good idea. Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tea Ceremony doesn’t exactly scream “good game” at me.


I usually only taunt if I win a ditto against someone or kill someone being extremely greedy, like an Oscar Mike that chased me all the way to the back sentry from mid (past first sentry) when I was low health, (or Pendles basically any time).

Phoebe’s conductor taunt is decently respectful?


Good idea. I’m thinking of one that has you keel over like you were winded from the fight and maybe give like a thumbs up or even have a line that said “good fight” or something along those lines

@maskerader yeah I always got kind of a condescending vibe from that taunt

If I really dislike the enemy I taunt TWICE. and yes sometimes you are on their screen enough to do 2 taunts( if they are the quick ones)

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