Non-verbal communication in place of a mic?

Not sure if anyone’s worked up something similar, but here’s what I got to work around not having a mic:

  • Indicating a specific player: Fire two shots in their direction.
  • Trading with player: Initiate trade, then crouch. Items traded are usually relevant or RTI, but I’ll discontinue if they cancel/ignore.
  • “Thank you” or “Yes”: Nod [=down/up with R3] when looking at player; done after receiving loot, being asked a Y/N question, or after getting revived.
  • “No”: Shake [=left/right with R3] when looking at player; only done after being asked Y/N question.
  • IDK: Crouch>uncrouch, or a quick “IDK” message.
  • Dropping item(s) for the group: Drop item(s), fire two shots at it, then back away.
  • Spotted enemy: Firing at player(s), then firing in direction of enemy. If you see this accompanied with running from it, please conclude that 2+2=HALP.
  • Interested in an item: Fire two shots at it, crouch next to it.
  • Ready to travel: Crouch near FTS/gate. If they attempted to while I was auto-saving, will fire two shots toward the gate/FTS if I have a clear line-of-sight, or message the host to go ahead.



I actually think this is a good idea, since I play without a mic most of the time.

At first, I was like, “why not just type a message”, but it appears that you’re playing on some sort of console? Anyway, this seems like a good standard to me.

Sending messages on ps3 is slow, good thing I’ve memorized the layout of the keyboard so I can send them quickly they just take awhile to load.

Ditto on 360. It helps if you have a keyboard plugged in (thank goodness fo USB!) but it’s still a pain. I know some folks Skype while playing.

@Raven_Ghosthawk: Looks good; mostly the sort of things I do anyway. On the last one, if I see the host by the FT or map transition, I just run over. Different if your the host, but standing right beside the travel point looking at everyone is pretty clear to me!

Sorry you may have misunderstood my message (you replied to me so I’m assuming I’m involved) if not than never mind. I don’t have a keyboard plugged in I’m just a fast (well I don’t know the word for it) sender of messages lol.

I really like this @Raven_Ghosthawk.

I remember way back in BL1, I got into a single random game with some one who didn’t have a mic. (I rarely ever get in to random games on any game).

They were a great player! I wish I remember their name, but I was laughing at the interaction about 20 minutes in.

It came to them gesturing and shooting at things, or meleeing random things.

It was like; “What is that LASSIE!? Timmy is in trouble?!” Wish I had this back then.


sounds Good, and even if they don’t have a mic and you do, you can still give them instructions, ask questions and so forth and as long as your in game chat or not in a party (and they don’t have the world muted), they can hear and respond as you’ve outlined.
I’ve did that in several games before I got a working mic

@Adabiviak PS3.

@Piemanlee +that. Ran with a gal last night for part of Tina’s DLC. Inside the dungeon, she asks me if she should do a certain quest. The time to send a simple IDK was unbelievably disproportionate.

@VaultHunter101 True that, although I’ve seen folks not get it. Said folks usually run over to duel/trade, much to my annoyance. Waiting to travel…and some dude runs up and hits me in the face!

@LunaticOne Still need one for IDK. Maybe crouch/jump?

Thanks for all the input guys. I kinda worked this up since messaging on PSN w/o the keyboard is slow as all hell; sticking to basics like these…:

  • G2G
  • GG
  • IDK
  • LOL
  • NP
  • ROFL
  • TYVM

…makes it faster, but only by so much as it says some things but not others. I don’t remember the initial work, but I did a proto of this with a few English-speaking friends [=comprehension wasn’t an issue] , and we had little-to-no problem communicating quickly. So perhaps it should be a standard.

That aside, the rare ones that I’ll bother to manually message are:

  • The Host: if I find any red-text items, they should have first-pick of it
  • The Mic: there’s usually one in a session of 3-4 players, and I only really message them if I find anything of interest to the group. Chances are high that they’ll spread the word.

[quote=“Raven_Ghosthawk, post:1, topic:1281067”]Spotted enemy: Firing at player(s), then firing in direction of enemy. If you see this accompanied with running from it, please conclude that 2+2=HALP.[/quote]There was one hilarious example of “Spotted Enemy” that exemplifies the whole thing. I was running with a group in Frostburn Canyon, and I tried to level up a Loot Goon Goliath. Let’s just say my plan worked well…perhaps a little too well. I tried to run it solo, but I think it was a 4-man session, so you can imagine that I merely tickled it. Anyways, the realization that I’m in trouble hits a bit late, and I run back for help; as soon as I have a line-of-sight to my nearest teammate, I fire at him to get his attention, then tail-gun/unload my Vladof Blaster at the pursuing LG GOD-Liath. Thing is, he started to run toward me…
…and then the LG God-liath rounds the corner.

Yeah on ps3 I use lol,ttyl,tyvm,no prob,yw, and other texting slang to speed things up.

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I think that is great start! I also jump up and down for a yes :slight_smile:

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Not sure if anyone/everyone agrees with this, but actually typing a message (instead of using a mic) can sometimes provides a filter for you to think about what you’re gonna say, especially if you start to get a little angry. Not that it’ll work with everyone, of course, but still…