None of the activities work? (And other VIP Insider issues)

is it just me or none of the activities for points work at the moment? i click on the link to say “watch gameplay footage” get 100 points etc, and nothing happens. i’m pretty sure they were working last time i visited this site.


The golden key code

If you mean this website

Adblock can cause issues and if you’ve completed the weekly reset ones this week they won’t be available yet.

Some of them are also 1 per lifetime (see the second row) while some are weekly. I believe you have to leave the video on as the focused tab to complete the “watch this trailer” ones.

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sorted it. it was my stupid adblock XD
all good now. thanks.


I have pre-purchased the game, linked twitter, twitch and steam and watched videos. Gearbox support has yet to get back to me eight hours later. What is going wrong? On the point of asking for my money back.

they do say to wait 24 hours for the points to show up, how long has it been for you?

perhaps the rewards are not uploaded until game launch?

Are you kidding me? There are people all over the borderlands website boasting about how many points they have already. Watch this vid I am unable to access any of this. Can I speak to someone who knows something about Borderlands 3?

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Sorry to hear that your having problems, please submit a support ticket here: if you haven’t done so already. If you have, and this problem is widespread, then I can only suggest further patience.

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Yes, I submitted the first ticket almost ten hours ago. I got someone who clearly had no idea what Borderlands 3 is after eight hours. Patience is a virtue, but I have already paid for the game.

So what exactly is youre problem?

I couldn’t feature it out by now because you just scream and complain not telling what exactly the reason is.

Can’t you see youre profile? it should show you youre points using the redeem code" WUBWUBWUB " would be a good way to proof if everything works correct as it will give you 100 points and as far as it went for me I got the points right away. Also make sure to be looged in of course.

Can’t you see the activitys? Then you have to deactivate addblock.

If you watch the videos without using the activity link points will not be granted you allways have to get back to activitys and klick on the box for the video you should watch, same for visiting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every week.

Also try to refresh the site if you have issues depending on what browser you use it can be a problem specific to the browser.

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something to add I can’t remember it if you have to actual click to the activitys for linking steam, Twitch… it might be possible And if you just linked them via profile and didn’t clicked the box in activitys it might be the reason you do not get any points. Klicking the boxes should do the trick in this case.

No mate, there are no activities listed. I don’t have addblock. You fail to understand the problem. I’m not screaming. Just frustrated.

than you have add block!!! If you have Avira Antivir for example it has an add block too which is shown in youre browseron the Aira Antivir Icon with a number to it klick the icon and deactivate that it blocks the borderlands site.

My profile. No points

youre points are shown on insider profile

Click the “insider profile” tab within that screen shot an post what the shows

should be this screen for you Mogadeet not the setting screen

here it is:

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You may be onto something there…