None of the DLC spoils each other, right?

Right now I’m thinking of having each of my 4 characters working on a different DLC, so when it gets to it, they can farm for the various gear there.

There’s one side quest that goes through 3 of the 4 stories, but nothing major. They’re all pretty much standalone.

Pretty sure none of them do, no. They’re all self contained stories.

They do spoil the story though, obviously.

what side quest goes through 3 of the 4?

The one where you launch a man strapped to a rocket :joy:

It’s pretty funny :nerd_face:

Easy and short

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what was the third mission? I know the one from DLC 1 and DLC 2, but can’t think of where in 3 or 4 it comes in.

Dlc 3, giving the strongest guns might be thought a


It’s more of an Easter Egg in DLC 4, not an actual mission.

You mean the main game story, right?

Yes, sorry. Actually, I don’t know if they do spoil the main game story. I’m pretty confident they do. The 4th dlc definitely does.

Oh, that’s fine, I more meant the DLC stories.