None of the VIP Guns received? (PC)

Hi all,

i searched first and attempted multiple things trying to accuire these weapons but it seems it’s bugged or i do not know what to do next.

1.I’ve unlocked the special Legendary Maliwan gun for Borderlands 3, i received an ingame email which was empty (no items in it) i clicked and accepted it but the maliwan gun is no where to find in my inventory? Do i need to pick this up somewhere?

2. I’ve completed the survery (got the pre-order for the normal version), linked my SHiFT account ingame and played more then an minute but this EAP is not unlocked?

i did:
-linked all type of accounts possible to my SHiFT account (also the EPIC launcher)
-received the golden Echo Device Skin and golden keys and the 3 blue weapons i bought in the VIP section to get the maliwan gun.
-completed the survey
-rebooted the game and checked the mailbox.

i am kinda baffled on what to try or do next?
anyone any idea?

Thanks for your time and effort in advanced.

P.S. it does seem that i’ve triggered the unlock but the items are not received in game:


i cleared the C:\Users\myusername\Documents\My games\Borderlands 3 folder.
rebooted the game and once loaded in the game i could collect all items again by:

pressing esc
Goto: Social
Goto: mail
claim all items again

I have the same problem. What do you mean by “cleared the folder”, did you delete your saves as well?

Try this: start the game, click play, click continue, once the game loaded and you can play.
Press esc and goto social and the mailboc

I opened the mailbox a few seconds after starting my first run :wink:
Everything should be OK and Shift is linked (I received all other items).
I have a ticket pending with support. They asked me to wait for another 24 hours and contact them if by then the gun isn’t there .