Nonelemental damage or Explosive damage builds?

I’m using a non-elemental boosting built with that awesome +25% nonelemental weapon boost. Combine this with the already high damage of the Maggie, Hammer Buster, and Bitch, and it seems damn good. Would an explosive build be WAY better? If so, how? I don’t see why it would be, but i’m curious since it seems to be the most popular. I’m running the Impaler with Skin of the Ancients relic.

Explosive tends to get confused with guns that generally have a specific type of splash damage. It just so happens that Torgue weapons, which are explosive only, tend to have this kind of splash damage.

And with one of Axton’s things being that he boost grenade damage (which boost that specific type of splash damage), it is wise to utilize as many of those bonuses that his skills Battlefront, Steady, and Do or Die give you if you choose to spec into them. Which adds up to 65% grenade damage un-boosted. Plus explosive relics add a big multiplicative damage that synergizes nicely with all of Axton’s gun damage.

So most of the time explosive/splash damage builds tend to be better for Axton. Weapons like the Harold, Ogre, Blockhead, Omen, Hellfire, Plasma Casters, ect… Have this kind of splash damage.

Plus if you use a fire/shock/corrosive weapon with splash you also get the Bone’s cooldown which helps out a lot and for many reasons.



For the reasons KK explained.

NE boost from Duty Calls is only 25% and it is not multiplicative.

In almost all circumstances…Elemental or Explosive attacks will out damage NE when used by Axton.

It is why you see so very few Axton players using NE.

Some guys can make it work with a superior and hard to get Weapon like a Bekah or even a Hammerbuster or Damned Cowboy.

But to me it’s like trying to stick a square peg into a round hole.

Axton is just an Explosive/Torgue/Grenade type of guy. Why not just roll with it.

This build with Legendary Soldier, Blockade, Magic Missiles, Explosive Damage Relic and Torgue weapons will out shoot and out survive basically any NE build I can think of on Axton.


That sums it up very nicely. After trying for a very long time to shove that square peg into the round hole, rolling with the other option is exactly what I did. I do not regret it. The other playstyle is possible, but very difficult, very limited and very gear dependent. It is worth the effort for the extra challenge (if you’re into it), but you’d be making things harder for yourself. It’s simply not the optimal way to play Axton.

I make NE builds as a hobby… It involves a bit more care in selecting gear, spec, and overall playstyle. It is in no way optimal, but I enjoy the challenge it provides!


Thank you for the help, guys! Assuming that i dont have access to Tiny Tina or Hammalocks Hunt, what do you think are tje best shields and weapons for him? Harold like you said, but are there other staples?

I direct you to he Top Gear for Axton thread:

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I will add that it’s not 100% done yet, but close enough.

Thanks! is there an exosive shotgun that does get boosted? it seems like a very nonexplosive selection.

Ravenger, swordsplosion, and the hulk are all explosive that get boosted.

If your gonna keep your questions to one thread I suggested this one. I’m more than happy to try and answer any questions.

Thank you, and i’lll try to compact my threads from now on. I’m so used to Gamefaqs. Which do you think is better, the Double Penetrating Harold or the Hard Harold with 600,000 more attack?

DP, though you’ll burn through your ammo faster.

Yeah dpuh all the way.

Im planning on using the DPUH, kerblaster, avenger, and Norfleet. with Antagonist, Legendary soldier, and a 39 explosive eelic. is thqt a good arsenal for an explosive Axton?

I don’t like to use the norfleet but it is super powerful. If u have the Tina dlc I’d suggest an ogre over the kier blaster but the ogre can be a pita to farm.

other than the kerblasrer, is it good?

Yeah the avenger has a learning curve. And the kerblaster is good I just suggested the best possible option.

The Ogre is basically a Spitter on some seriously good steroids. When I had an all explosive Axton build with the Legendary Ranger COM it would melt just about everything in front of me with all the on kill skills activated, slagged or no, very quickly. However it is really easy to run out of ammunition if you are not careful with the Ogre and it has the same unique fire rate/reload speed quark that all Spitter assault rifles have.

The Swordplosion is a fantastic weapon but has some risk involved since the “projectiles” can harm you if you are standing close to where they land. It also requires the vertical grip accessory to make it worthwhile as much like the Orphan Maker the extra two pellets make for a massive increase in damage.

The DPUH is a good weapon if you take a knee or just want to hose down enemies without much effort. While it does have a sweet spot it is no where near as punishing as the Flakker if you do not try to get into the proper range; it hurts from every angle but hurts more in the sweet spot.

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Is the Flakker really good?