Nonstoped stuttering. How to fix it?

the fps goes from 250 to 3 ingame, missions like slaughterstar 3000 become impossible. I dont know whats causes it, doesnt seems to be relataded with lacky hardware. When the game starts getting 1-3fps (its sttutering, nothing moves on your scree) and start raising again after the freeze, the CPU’s usage is at 100% there, vga use is near 0 at these moments, temps are all quite low. I have no idea on whats the cause anymore. I installed some other games to have a reference and it doesnt happens there. Overwatch is locked at 300fps.

Im playing the game on fullscreen, native resolution (1920x1080), everything on low and scalling at 75%

My config:
i5 7600K
16gb ddr4 (dunno the clocks)
5700 XT (reference model, asus)
seasonic 620W
NVMe EVO 960

It’s just an UE4 issue… Your hardware setup is fine. Be sure to update all your hardware drivers, though.

I really hope it’s an UE4 issue. (at least could be fixed) After finishing the main story in dx12 mode all shaders was cached and the game is smooth even with badass settings.
This on i7-4770 +1070 ti.
Just every 40-50 secs one of the cpu suddenly hits 100% and causes a stutter no matter what setting i use.
Hopefully they are not Denuvo checks :-s