Noob gear farmer questions

I don’t regularly farm for gear. I have mostly just been leveling up different VHs and completing all missions on TVHM. However, with this event I thought I might attempt to get some of the items I would like to see that I never seem to get but I’m not sure the best way to go about it. Maybe some can answer a couple questions with how drops work?

-world drop vs. random drop? I see online some items being listed as “world drop” and others as “random drop from enemies”. Is there any distinction in these classifications?

-best place/method to farm world/random drops? For instance, I want a Transformer with better anointments (among other shields). What is the best method to take advantage of this event to potentially get something like that?

Farm Gigamind, I picked up the Cutsman, Transformer, Maggie…

This boss has the smallest health pool, people go hunting a rare spawn in order to get the Cutsman and I’ve picked up 3 off Giga :slight_smile:

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Gigamind is both a pushover and a great source for loot.

Troy is pretty generous but on Mayhem 4 he can be considerably more time consuming if you’re not specced just so.

Graveward seems to be a very popular farm but my luck there was terrible so I gave up on him.

The Kraken is a bullet sponge but I’ve never seen him drop less than 4 oranges. If you count the dozens and dozens of anointed blue and purples dropped by the ratch and personnel on the way to the Kraken and it might be the best farm.

Do not sleep on the blue and purple weapons. I have a blue alien barrel Torgue pistol that my Moze will never put down.

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First Gigamind kill:

No anointment. Waah wah wahhhhh. Why does GB hate it’s customers so much?

No no, slay him in 30seconds about ten times. The red chest next to him should be closed every second run.

10 runs then have a look atchalewt (at your loot)

I have since killed him 10+ times. I have gotten various legendaries but no more Transformers. This is why I hate farming. lol.

One must be in it to win it.
There are no shortcuts to the rewards that come from diligent farming. The chance is there, you should love farming because you can never know what will happen next.

The Cutsman I use to obliterate M4 Moxxies heist (Corrosive, Anointed Gunner, +75% fire damage while auto bear is active) came from Gigamind. And my shield eater version came from the red chest (shock Cutsman without anoint)