Noob gearing up strategy?

So I’m recently turned 50. I been working my way through TVHM on M1 (just changed to M2) and I got sidetracked a bit trying to farm some items while this event is going on. My gear is sorta garbage so I’m wondering what the best strategy to get gear would be as someone who can’t insta-gib bosses on M3 etc…

Should I just continue working on TVHM M2 and doing all side quests for their rewards and just get what legendary items I get along the way or should I start farming certain bosses for particular drops or maybe just farming an easy boss for world drops? Should I even try taking advantage of this event or is it a waste of time?

I’m leaning towards just going back to my TVHM playthrough because farming the same boss over and over gets a bit stale and I haven’t seen the greatest results so far but that could also be related to my inability to kill things quickly. Any suggestions?

Did you do all of Zer0s kill missions? If not, do it and get a lvl 50 Lyuda, then you can instantly jump to farming Graveward on MH1 (or even 2) for more Lyudas to counter the modifiers. If you did it and have a 4x Lyuda you probably still can do at least MH1 Graveward (especially if it’s a fire one).
That will also level up your guardian rank extremely fast, but you might want to get some other item space characters.

I believe I did most of the kill missions as I went through my first plalythrough but maybe not all since I don’t have a Lyuda.