Noob moze just trying out trading

Trying to get a good mh4 build for splash. Got Waterman’s coming out my…well you get the idea lol. Running red chests because of the event and getting all kinds of nades shields and leggo’s.if you have anything you think will help me or want anything in specific say below and I’ll check. Probly a long shot but never traded anything before thought this might help me out, or you lol cheers guys :slight_smile:

I’ve got two anointed Fastballs, one with +Rad on ASE and another with +fire on ASE. Would be willing to trade one of them.

I’m looking for Laser-Sploders with good anointments (any and all elements) and a Flakker with a good anointment. You have anything along those lines?

What’s your gamertag?

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Closed at OP request.