Noob Moze perspective

So I’m trying to avoid this stupid bloody harvest event by playing a new character. Decided to try Moze since I have Fl4k and Amara leveled to 50 already. I only just started but my initial impression is that the whole iron bear thing feels very gimmicky.

Obviously, with only a couple skill points it’s pretty weak but I’m just wondering if that feeling persists into later levels? I’m also wondering how Moze does without the iron bear? Is she weak without it or are there enough skills that boost Moze without iron bear active to be good on her own?

Also, is it feasible to create a build that doesn’t even use iron bear (or doesn’t rely on it)?

IB doesn’t stay up that long until you’ve specced into a number of skills in the relevant tree that add shield and slow down fuel use. Once you’ve done that, IB can be invaluable during the run through NVHM. From what I’ve read the major issue lies in end-game survivability, especially with Mayhem modes.

Moze is pretty good as a gunner with or without IB. Some of the initial god-mode builds are no longer viable, but she can certainly hold her own through levelling, using IB for those “not going into FFYL right now” moments. I’ve certainly enjoyed getting her up to 44 (so far). I’ll go for long periods without IB but, when you hit one of those spots with all the rockets and elemental weapons and you can’t see a thing, IB with homing rockets is the literal bomb.

Use IB to level up. It will make things much easier. It will work at level 50, but once you enter mayhem it stops being good.

Below 50 you can do what ever you want and use IB as your safety net. Then do a Mags tree build with whatever other tree you like and avoid IB skills and you have decent build. Mileage will vary because of the re balancing that is hitting moze pretty hard.

Agreed. Moze can wreck a lot of face on her own with her gun and splash damage buffs. So far I’ve mainly used IB for those ****-hits-the-fan moments or to soften up some of the tougher enemies. Looking forward to getting more creative with it in the future.

Thanks for the info all. I’m a bit confused on what to sink points into first. I feel like the best bang for my buck early is to focus on SoR tree where I can improve my character gun dmg and survivability but if I don’t start putting points into IB stuff it will continue to suck. Just seems like early points into fuel savings and stuff like that is going to have very minimal impact early on.

Anyone have suggestions on what to prioritize first?

I put early points into bottomless mags myself so less sure on how to do a SoR tree

I recommend getting at least the Tier 2 of DW, since the V-Rockets are very dependable damage, but otherwise the Iron Bear is best used as panic button in my experience.