Noob question about bl2 characters

I dont see many commandos is their any reason…are they weak? I only ask because im trying to level one

If bored add me

Commandos aren’t at all weak, as you can see if you look in the Borderlands 2 > Axton section. In terms of just random players, the real problem is that Salvador is ridiculously OP (especially with certain gear equipped), so a lot of players opt for easy god-mode and play him.

I have two Axtons myself (one 72 and one 54-ish), and he’s the main for a number of regulars here. If there’s anything specific you need, just give a shout.

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Is is deffo 2 of my favourites like he is class with a explosive build amd the right gun set

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Sweet iv never passed 50 with him but im gettin close and im glad im not alone
N thanks for fast responses. Il slowly learn best gear. Atm my focus is just not

Yeah dats always a good start like bro

Think ill try pushing to 50 tonight

Here’s some Axton links you might find useful:

And for the complete list of Axton guides:

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Wow alot to learn. Perfect…ty