Noob question about level 100

how long roughly in play hours to get 100?

Command rank is gained by playing with any character. this goes up to 100. character levels can go up to 15 and are gained by playing with that specific character.

I want to say 300? I’m pretty sure it’s over 100, but I don’t know the exact number of hours I put in before I made 100. It will take a while though.

Right now it is double XP so if you want to power level nows your chance.

Depends quite a lot on what you play, since you might need to spend time waiting for a match.

For me, it took ~110 hours. I hear XP gained from PvP is also based on performance, so it go faster or slower for you.

a lot but double xp so

without double XP, over 100. With double XP or more, obviously quite less.

And I’d ask: why would one want to reach CR 100?
Leveling individual Battleborn, yes, but Command Rank (beyond 40)? Why?
I got mine in around 200h, wouldn’t mind if it would took 3x longer.

It takes approximately 100 hours to reach level 100 and I’m pretty sure you get a legendary loot pack for doing it. I went from level 60 to level 100 in the very first double XP event so my memory is a little blurry as I’ve been level 100 for a long time now. Gearbox please increase the level cap so I can feel like I’m actually doing something when I play my favorite characters.

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A little under 100 for me.
You get a legendary pack, a title, and let’s be real here, it’s a status symbol

Overrated if you ask me.
As for Legendary pack - bah.

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Oh one more thing, hitting max level in a game is always fun. An accomplishment.

ty all :wink:

yeahp, on ps4 im 95 still and 108:46 in game clocked. dont want to think about how much time ive spent in the cmd menu…

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which game mode is best to get fast xp? playing story at the moment, only 15 in rank, level 15 character, Oscar mike :wink:

sweet, 5 more :wink:

I got 100 on pc so fast i was trying to slow ps4 down as much as possible to enjoy it, but now that crs are hidden, i won’t be chastised as much for being 100! yay!

from what I’ve noticed, it seems to be 1 rank per story mission. My question is, is there any difference in xp gained, between say 25-50 and 50-100? Is it basically the same xp per mission, per rank?

When the game released, the XP gain was less and it took me probably around 100-150 hours. With this being said, the double XP and XP boosters should get you there around 50-100 hours. I recommend playing PvE to level up quicker than straight PvP, you can just play with less time waiting for a game.

your talking about the platinum pack right?