Noob Question: DLC a preview of things to come or are these prequels?

So first off I want to say I’m more of a laid back player in terms of me looking really in depth at the game and taking every single piece of dialogue into conversation. I read about BattleBorn through the forums bu that’s about it. But I have played each story mission and DLC (Minus Montana) multiple times

So at the end of the main story missions you defeat Rendaine and the threat is over. The Jennerit are without a leader meaning they are basically just a nuisance at this point. The Varelsi are still attacking but by the epilogue it seems like Deande implies they are attacking but in such dwindling numbers (Now that Rendaine is gone) that the new BattleBorn team, with Ghalt as head, are able to defeat them and keep the last solar system safe.

So Attikus is a prequel but shouldn’t really be taken as fact because even Attikus himself states he doesn’t even ■■■■■■■ remember what actually happened. I wish we had more Ambra dialogue in there (not in her DLC character) or a thing about Ambra and her sisters. She seems quite smart and eloquent and would at least have given us a better re-telling of what actually happened

Toby DLC has me confused on the timeline as to when it happened. It kinda seems like it happened before the last mission as it details with Reyna getting her gift and Toby and stuff. But we get a new race, new threats, mention of a giant faction of assassins, and we know evil Tobys are being created (for what?)

Mike DLC also has me confused as to when it happened. We don’t really know the whole story on the war Mike+Montana went through we just know all the Mikes were wiped out save like 3. But at the end of that DLC King and Queen Mike align with Oscar Mike (and by extension Ghalt and his crew) and they mention they are ready for another war because they are bored

So now we go back to the last story mission. In the beginning Deande says, “All the factions are fighting right now to give us this one last chance” meaning their assault on Rendaine

So was Planet Mikes fighting with us then?
If not, what war are we going against? The Varelsi? Why?
It was implied by Deande that the Varelsi were a threat but such a minor threat they could be dealed with, with the whole BB crew now as we had a fully unified team now.

She even says something like the sun is shining bright or something meaning evil is gone and hope for the future is now at hand

So are all these DLCs prequels to the last mission or are they happening afterwards when all the BB crew get a “break” so to speak and can tell their own story now. So is it

Prologue>Story Mission 1>DLCs>Last story mission> Epilogue
Or is it

Prologue> Story Mission 1> Last story mission > Epilogue > DLCs >[Future War]


All DLCs took place following the Heliophage. Attikus’ simulation was in the past (as well as the new Ops stories), but the actual event of them entering the simulation was also after the Heliophage. This is canon and confirmed by devs