Noob Question, Please Help

Hey, so im new to BL and I have the handsome collection on Ps4. I just finished the main story of Jack and the Warrior in BL2. I just entered true vault hunter mode and im level 29. Anyways, I just realized there is a ton of dlc’s for this game and I didnt access any of it as far as I can tell. My questions are; How do I access the dlc story campaigns and where do I start? Did I screw myself by going into true vault hunter mode before doing all dlc story missions? Im a little lost at the moment. Lol

Btw, this game is so fun and it’s been probably the best time ive ever had in a video game! I’m really looking forward to getting out of work to hopefully dive into the dlc. So please help me figure out how! Lol Thank you in advance.


Hi, welcome to the forums.

Firstly, don’t worry about starting TVHM, you can switch back to Normal any time you want by going to the character select screen from the main menu. When you select your character again, it will ask you which playthrough you want to load up.

As for DLC, you may have noticed at the fast travel stations there are many locations on the list that you never visit in the main story. For reference:

For the Pirate’s Booty DLC, the location is Oasis.
For the Torgue DLC, it’s the Badass Crater of Badassitude.
For The Hammerlock DLC, It’s Hunter’s Grotto.
For the Tina DLC, It’s The Unassuming Docks.

The other locations are the Head Hunter pack DLCs.

Anything above Sanctuary in your list of travel locations are DLC related. I hope this helps.

Also, check out this thread for PS4 users.


Thank you very much! This is a massive help. I appteciate the detailed yet simple instructions. Should I do all dlc on normal or can I stay with tvhm and run through it when I complete main story again?


@Kuolemanlaakso gave you everything you need to know. I would go so far as to say that it may be worth waiting until you hit Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode to play those DLCs. I only say this because it’s ideal to start Ultimate Mode right at level 50, and it’s possible to get there at that level playing Normal and True Mode with no DLC, but when you start playing DLC you raise your level higher than 50 by the end.


This is a good point actually.

Ok great sobthen I will stick with tvhm and run through story again and than go ultimate than do atory and dlc. Great! Thanks so much


@Pistol_Vinny Feel free to add me on PSN, my name is the same as my name here. I don’t have a mic but I can help you with things if you ever need it. There’s also a PSN Community for these forums, @Sun_Tsunami created it, i’m sure they can invite you to it. Or I can do so in the morning :slight_smile:


A lot of people would suggest saving side quests with good weapons and DLCs with good weapons until you hit the maximum level, which is 72. That is very hard to do without playing some DLCs or doing side missions. The good news is you will be able to reset Ultimate Made back to the start whenever you finish it and play through it again to get the weapons you want at max level if you like.

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Thank you guys. Im working so im sorry I havnt been responding promptly. I appreciate all the help!

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It’s really up to you, I’d start the DLC’s when you are bored with doing the main story over and over. There’s no harm in starting them in NVHM even, though I’d at least wait until TVHM. I’d hold off on Mercenary Day as long as you can, as that will level up higher if you start it later and is a good source of loot. Basically, when your gear just isn’t good enough and other farming sources aren’t cutting it, do Mercenary Day. It’s going to be your general go-to for loot in UVHM (since UVHM levels with you), as it’s the best source for world drop items in the game.

I can’t remember when I started what on my first play throughs because it was a long time ago. On recent playthroughs, I normally do Mercenary Day and the Tiny Tina DLC (starts in Unassuming Docks) around level 40 because it’s a good source of gear and gaining levels as the Tina DLC contains a lot of strong enemies that give good exp. For loot, the Scarlett DLC (starts in Oasis) is the best as two of the strongest guns in the game are easy drops and there are 2-3 other extremely strong pieces of gear you can obtain from this DLC.

That said, you can go through all of NVHM and TVHM with standard issue green gear if you really had to (not that it’s the most fun, it’s Borderlands, you want crazy gear) so you don’t NEED that strong gear, but why not have fun with great weapons.

However, if you are just rocking normal story, do it. It gives really good exp and you can level to 50 on that and get enough world drops to keep you going. Once you get to 50, finish TVHM if you haven’t and start UVHM and then everything levels with you, so you can do it all at your own pace.

What character are you playing as?

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Thanks alot and sorry for late reply as I just got home from work. I appreciate the know how and it all makes much more sense to me now.


No need to apologise, we’re all in different timezones after all :slight_smile:


Thanks and I am playing as Mya. I really like her skills alot especially all the health regen stuff and damage buffs. I havnt unlocked most of them yet but the few I got feel very synergistic. So far my favorite grenades are transfusions that steal health from enemies. It has saved me quite a bit along with phaselocking and getting health on the kill along with regenerating while phase is active. Im really enjoying her quite a bit so far.


One piece of advice, and it’s entirely up to you so you can ignore me if you want, is get a Tesla or Singularity grenade instead. With all of her healing from skills, you won’t really need to use your grenades for health as well. Also, certain weapons have life steal based on a percentage of the damage dealt by holding it. For example, a side mission called Rakkaholics Anonymous gives you two choices to complete it. If you turn it in to Moxxi, she gives you a pistol called Rubi. This weapon heals you for (I think) 12% of the damage dealt, not only by that gun, but by any damage source you are responsible for while holding the weapon. So take a Tesla grenade as an example, it’s much more damaging over time than a transfusion, and it heals you for 12% of all that damage per second. Just something to consider.

It’s up to you though, if you enjoy what you’re using, go for it :+1:

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Thats cool and def sounds like a better way to go so thanks on that advice. I need to go get me some of those healing weapons asap! I actually was using the teslas mainly until it started to get pretty hard towards the end and I was taking so much damage all the time against all those hyperion dudes and thats when I started using the healing nades lol

Well, you said you started TVHM at level 29, which would indicate to me that you finished Normal slightly underleveled. This might explain why you found it getting more difficult :slight_smile:

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I figure I will explain why I specifically said wait till UVHM:

When you hit level 50 in True Vault Hunter Mode, all the enemies are then matched to your level, and you can continue to gain levels by completing more missions. You weapons and gear you get will be capped at 50 as you go even though you may get as high as level 55+.

When you start Ultimate mode the enemies and their weapons will be 55+ to match your level so your weapons will be five levels lower, and the enemies will have health regeneration and damage resistance. It will make getting past Southern Shelf (the area after Knuckle Dragger) far more challenging than it would be if you came in at 49 or 50.

You have to complete the story to unlock Ultimate mode, so anything you do prior to completing it increases your chance of over-leveling yourself. Since the game lets you know how much XP each mission gives you, you could actually calculate your XP in advance of doing mission, but when your goal is to get certain gear or finish a certain DLC it will complicate matters.

My first go around in the game I was left to my own devices and literally did everything in Normal Mode and put the game down for a while. It was only later after talking with friends who played that I as encouraged to work through the other modes and realized that reaching max level is the point in which you have access to all the features of your character and the gameplay, and the easiest path to that is getting done with TVHM as quickly as you can, which ultimately means finishing the story missions above all else. The first two modes are structured XP wise so that you don’t hit the ideal level to be max level without doing a few side missions, but for a skilled player with the right build you don’t need to be to beat them, you can be under-leveled and still succeed. When you get to UVHM it’s also nye impossible to reach level 72 without doing side quests and some DLC, though most guides will tell you to save some missions that give great weapons until you are max level as the missions will level up with you if you wait to pick them up. I can see why they say this, because it allows you to get those weapons without resetting your play through, and then you can take them into the Overpower levels in Digistruct Peak ASAP.

It’s really a sandbox of your own making as far as your leveling experience. Ultimately, especially with Maya, picking great skills can make it so your character can be very effective with any decent gear.


Is this true? I thought it was killing the Warrior that scaled everything to 50? Not saying you’re wrong, I time it so both happen at the same time. Just wondered.


Welcome. :blush: This is how it starts. Vault Hunter life. :sunglasses:
Looks like you’ve caught the fever as well. Tons a good people in here. You’re getting sound advice so I’ll gladly step back and just enjoy the camaraderie.


You’re write. I was being brief and should have looked at my phrasing. When you complete Talon of God/ the Final story mission everything scales up with a level cap of 50. I was trying to state the level cap without explaining what causes it. That’s my bad. My point was about not over-leveling your character so implicitly i connected level 50 with completing the campaign.

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