Noob questions about TVHM and loot

OK, so I’m pretty new to Borderlands 2 and I had a few questions I haven’t been able to find the answers to. I’m currently at level 44 and I beat the main story line a few weeks ago. After I beat the warrior the game asked me if I wanted to enter TVHM, and not really knowing what that was I said no because I still had several challenges to complete. So, I’ve been merrily completing all the challenges that I missed and then wound up ordering all the DLC’s because I was having a lot of fun. And I’ve enjoyed the two DLC’s I have completed.

But after watching some of the YouTube videos from several of the better Borderlands 2 players, I have noticed that I never find any of the cool guns and stuff that all these players find and I’m never even finding any weapons that are above level 35. I’ve farmed the Warrior at least 50 times and I’ve never gotten a legendary or even a gun, relic, or class mod that’s at my level. It’s all pretty crappy really. And now in the DLC’s I’m noticing the same thing. My loot is really lame compared to what it seems like other players are finding. Am I just not farming enough or am I really dumb here?

I guess my dumb question is should I be playing everything in TVHM or should I go ahead and beat all the DLC’s in regular mode then replay everything in TVHM?

Sorry for the long first post and thanks in advance for wading through it.

You’re way overlevelled right now. Anything you farm in Normal will be replaced very quickly in TVHM, so don’t bother. Just start TVHM now.

You could just play through the TVHM main storyline and skip the side quests. UVHM is where the better loot and more balanced enemies are.

The Warrior has a high chance to drop when you kill him in the story mission. After that his droprate goes down. Unfortunately, the missions in NVHM and TVHM are set to a specific level. If I understood you correctly, you’re level 44 and are still in NVHM. My guess is that you feel that all enemies die like flies from your attacks. TVHM will start with enemies around level 35. My recommendation to you is to skip ALL side quests and ONLY do story missions until you reach the point where the missions are approx your level.

When you beat the story in TVHM, all missions, dlc’s and enemies scale up to 50, so all farming in TVHM should be done after that. In UVHM all enemies will be scaled to your level, or if you’re playing with friends, the highest leveled player.

Thanks guys. That makes perfect sense. I’ll switch over to TVHM tonight.

also any missions that you have not accepted at this point will scale to 50, giving you their rewards at that level, also after finishing TVHM, you will probably be around around level 52 or higher when starting UVHM.
At that time I recommend starting UVHM and just playing the main mission till you come to the first Travel Station, then Traveling to the "Crater of Badassitude) and playing to the first one or 2 “Torgue” machines then Droping to NVHM or TVHM and Farming the BarRoom Brawl for Tokens, then go Back to UVHM and farm those machines for a DPUH at your level along with other decent guns/gear