Noob questions about TVHM and UVHM

Fair enough. If I decide to try that stuff I may vacation on the dark side myself.


Harolds definitely do last longer than other guns in UVHM. I used one for 8 levels (maybe 10, it’s been awhile) before I needed to upgrade it. As for underleveled drops, welcome to the club. They are the bane of every farming excursion. I think I only have one over 72, and that took me a week of mind numbing dedicated farming.


Also real quick : I’ve probably said this before but a Torgue grip is more important than the prefix.


I’m on PS4 too. Not exactly sure what is or isn’t open for discussion so I’ll start with this.

-edit- You can’t.


Join us, there are a lot of Badass PS4 players in here.


Ok, so I researched this a little bit. Is this for reload speed? I’ll research how to identify next, cuz I am clueless.

yes, this has been my experience in the short time I’ve been playing.

More stuff to research. But I’ll figure it out.

Done and done!

I finished Clan Wars. Went pretty smooth except for the “Bag Man” WTH? I didn’t see that coming. That guy is a jerk, he definitely is a different character than in TVHM or NVHM.

I did upgrade my Slagga. Wow, what a difference. I used it to upgrade my Lyuda, which really didn’t upgrade, but I got one a level higher but still not on level with me (and with slag).

I also farmed a new Harold, and they gave me a DPUH. I’ll keep it, but gonna also keep one of my older non DP ones as my main for now.

I also went an played my Sal character. Got him past NVHM and into TVHM. An infinity pistol and a Bee Shield made the end of NVHM a blast. I need to start researching his build.

As always, thanks again for the awesome support!


As a general PSA, if anyone is unsure what is and is not OK to discuss, we have a page for that. Or, more precisely, two:

Carry on!


Torgue grips will always increase damage which is nice but the main reason is because a Torgue grip gets the matching grip which gives two great bonuses, Magazine size and Reload speed. So as a whole a Harold with a Torgue grip gets damage, reload and mag boosts, 3 of the four main DPS stats.

If you’re looking into parts this is a good place to start, as it has nice visuals of each part and as a bonus even tells you which stats they effect.


That is awesome stuff
I’ve been totally clueless
More farming for me


As I mentioned I’ve been doing a ton reading(mostly this forum) and watching vids of gameplay(also mostly from people this forum).

The videos are very impressive. In a lot of them, the player just seems to “float” around the map while killing everything in sight. My approach is typically the polar opposite(not on purpose or by design).
I also have been practicing using a shotgun. In the short time that I’ve been playing I rarely use shotguns, and that is dumb.

What I did was take my farming rounds and made them into training sessions. I made myself use shotguns instead of my standard approach of blasting the crap out of everything with a Lyuda. I used the Triquetra and other various Jakobs shotguns. I wish I had done this far earlier as it was awesome. I also wish the Triquetra was farm-able as I really like that gun, but it’s quickly getting under-leveled.

I also planned out my movement and practiced using deception more effectively. I have a bad habit of going into deception then running directly into the line of fire. I don’t know why this is, I understand deception doesn’t make you bullet-proof. Oh yeah, I’m a NOOB!

I’ve also been playing with re-building my skill trees after reading the Zer0 build thread. I played around with some melee weighted builds. This is something I may explore more.

I also practiced the rubi/harold swaparoo for regenerating health. Getting that down is a game changer.

Surprisingly my farming expedition went very well. I upgraded nearly everything. The Lyudas still refuse to drop at my level and now I’ve got a stack of them. I did get a Veruc on level. Oh, and no Torgue grips on my Harolds! I’m really not going to sweat the Torgue grips until I get to 72(not even thinking about OP levels yet). The Harolds I have are still pretty effective Torgue grip or not. Slicing up Knuckledragger with the Thrusting UH was great fun.

The original plan was to tackle Sawtooth this weekend, but on a whim I just went for it. Mortar is a much bigger jerk in UVHM. So far him and Bagman have been real D-Bags. That said, I may work on farming him next, mainly because he gave me so much grief.

I also got the Bee Shield from Hellquist, which isn’t really something I’m good at using, but I’ll practice.

So, hopefully I’ll get through the Warrior this weekend. After that should I just work on Leveling up? I believe I’m at 63 or 64 right now(not where I can check). So I still have way to go till 72


The tactical understanding of using Zero is something that comes with time and getting to grips with your limits. Understanding your limits is especially hard while leveling as that limit chamges with every level and piece of gear. So I’m unsurprised by your lack of floating.

If the triquetra is getting old and you need a new shotgun I’d recommend either farming the train or go after old slappy to get a Striker.

The bee shield isn’t necessarily even worth putting much time into learning as Zero can output enough damage to get you through any normal situation. Raids and Time Trials are the only time it becomes a necessity. I personally only hold a bee shield for things like boring Saturn and Bunker. The rest of the time I find it’s lack of protection to not be a worthwhile trade off for the extra damage.

When you’re done with the story focus on whatever you like, here’s some ideas:

  • I personally spend the early levels post 61 in the arid nexus badlands. I kill the initial skags, run the loaders in Fyrestone check the chests kill saturn (and grab the 3rd chest of the run) and then go up to kill the badass constructor. The whole run bags something like 25k xp and also allows me to farm tubbies for the legendary class mods.

  • I know some do Scarlett’s to just before the end of ‘Crazy about You’ so that a Pimpernel’s quick to get when they reach the desired level.

  • You could also do any of the DLC’s, Scarlett’s is the only one you may want to save so as to get a Pimpernel later.

  • I’m not sure if you’ve aquired a set of Bone of the Ancients yet but if not now would be a good time. Then they’re out of the way and you’ll only need to re aquire when you reach you’re desired end level.


I completely get this. I have only been playing BL2 for months (and w/ Zer0, much less) now. I understand many of these videos I’m watching, the players have years of experience. I’m not discouraged in the least as I know I can get there.
My very first attempt at playing BL2 was with Zer0, and it almost caused me to abandon the game. I switched over to Sal and had a better time of it. I decided to give Zer0 another chance and here I am. The float will come, lol.

I actually finished the Warrior last night and he dropped a couple nice shotguns, so theres that. But I’ll look into Slappy. I’ve not done that mission yet with Zer0(did it with Sal in NVHM). I need more farming locations. I’ve farmed Savage Lee and Gettle(and Mobley) more times than I care to count.

I learned this pretty quickly. I only use the bee while farming. Before heading out to fight the Warrior I farmed the Hodunks for a new Slagga. The bee, a singularity grenade and the Hammer Buster worked well for this. It was great fun anyways. Something I’ll be doing more of.

Right, there was no way I was going to try to use the bee working my way through Hero’s pass. I did use it to kill the Warrior, but it was probably unnecessary.

This sounds like a plan. Although I’m at 67 now. This part of the game was difficult for me and I definitely could use the practice. I’m also in need of the Legendary Class Mods.

As intrigued as I am with the Pimpernel, I’ve decided to wait until I reach 72 to acquire it.

I have not, but this is something I will look into. I need one for each elemental?

I started this thread for the simple fact that I was apprehensive about starting UVHM just over a week ago. I spent far more time than that in NVHM with Sal. For now the plan is to get to 72 and hone my skills and try different builds.

Until I joined this forum, I was playing the game as if it was just another FPS. I realize now it is so much more. I’m starting to understand the mechanics and the various possibilities. I also realize I’m better than I thought I was but I also know I have a LONG way to go.

Again, I must express my gratitude to the folks in this forum. There is no way I could have finished the UVHM playthrough without your knowledge and wisdom.


Fire and Corrosive bones are the important ones as you’ll use them the majority of the time. A shock bone can’t hurt but is by no means necessary, if I farmed and got a fire and corrosive bone I probably wouldn’t bother to continue farming. The fights I can think offhand are the warrior and Raid Pete being the two places that it is really useful, otherwise Stalkers are the only mob type that have shields big enough to really justify the use of a shock bone.

When you reach your desired max level then it is probably essential and I would pick it up then.


I tend to like the shock bone. Shock doesn’t suffer damage reduction like flesh vs corrosive or armor vs fire. It’s not the best against specific enemies/maps but a good all around in maps with different mobs (WEP & others) or if you don’t want to switch gears all the time.


When using Unforseen, I use a shock BoA ; for the Peak, corrosive ; for normal mobbing, fire. It depends which of my many Zer0s I’m playing.

But for my style, a shock BoA is the first one I look for.

As for Bee : strictly for raids bosses. It can get pretty damn quick. This is an example at OP4 :


Just found this thread today and it looks like you’ve gotten a lot of great advice here @zer0blivion. Your second build looks like its well on its way to a gun Zero build, which is great (I’m far better at gun Zero than melee Zero). While you mention farming for gear I’d put farming a The Transformer shield on your list- if you ever decide to try the Peak it will save your bacon vs surveyors. Also, I tend to favor a shock BotA on the Peak for certain enemies, mainly as I like to catch foes like the twin Scorches, Black Queens and Assassins in a bottleneck and drop an entire compliment of Storm Fronts on them while holding a GN/Rubi. As far as a slagging tool I love the Slagga- spray down a group of foes with it while frying them with a Storm Front and watch them melt before your eyes :+1: And as been mentioned the loot train not only gives gear at your level in UVHM but Tinder Snowflake rewards a nice chunk of XP- it’s been known to have pearls such as the Avenger on it on rare occasions. I would guess that you’re also aware of the Torgue vending machines in his dlc- a great way to make your Harold farming a lot easier. Take care and keep having fun.


So I played a binge/marathon session and I’m now at 72. I’ve pretty much been playing non-stop. The spousal unit is none too pleased. So…it’s break time.

I did manage to upgrade all my gear that I like to use to 72. Except for the Lyuda, Gettle refuses to drop one at 72, got plenty of 69 and 70’s. Also Slappy will only give me a 71 Striker, but I’m not sure how I feel about that gun anyway.

I will undoubtedly try the Peak at some point. I’ll defiantly farm for the Transformer. Looks like Pimon drops it.

I really need to get the BoTA though, so I’ll research finding those.

Yes, I visit Tinder pretty regularly. I’ve only had him ever drop one Legendary, it was a Bee in NVHM.

I am aware of this. I’ve accrued enough Tokens. I suppose this way I can get a Harold with a Torgue grip as I’ve never had one of those yet (not in UVHM anyway). That said, I actually like farming Savage Lee. I’ve developed a way that usually yields a Harold within a half hour(but not always).



These are the sole purview of Legendary Loot Midgets, as far as I know. The Doctor’s Orders loot midgets are the move for them IMO. Don’t pick up any of the mission echoes and you’ll get three to four midgets every time in the room with the red chest and four boxes. If you can, enter the Natural Selection Annex and then reenter the preserve to cut down on the walking. Having the quest for the trespasser open will cut sown on enemy spawns on the way as well. LLM farming can also net you first gen pearls and a variety of legendary items as well, so you can get a decent variety of gear that way. Other good places for LLMS are Thousand Cuts with Rocko’s Modern Strife open and Sawtooth Cauldron. Those are the places I see them the most often.


Obvious choice is to go to the forums and talk about it :wink:

You can combine your BoTA and Transformer farming. Save at the Creature Slaughter entrance in WP and then Pimon will be out to the left and the Doctor’s Orders Loot Midgets are nearby.


Good stuff, this will be my next sessions goal.

I tried to figure this out, not sure which mission this would be, but anything to cut down on enemies would be good.

More good stuff, awesome!

Obviously! :+1:


I believe the quest is animal rights, given by Mordecai.