Noob says Hello and Thank You

Hello all,
I am new to the forums but not to the game. I was having a difficult time getting a Purple rarity Magic Missle grenade mod in the Badass round of the Slaughter Arena in Flamerock Refuge and was trying to find an alternate source for farming one via DuckDuckGo when I discovered this gem of a forum … I am not very computer savvy as I normally dedicate most of my free time to playing guitar or Borderlands 2, as a result, I didn’t know about this forum until just recently (I Know … phaselock me and call me George) … but I must admit that this forum is as awesome as getting a Bekkah to drop!

Anyways, now that I am aware of this forum, you may see me posting and perhaps being a pain in someone’s ass as I can ask some pretty noobish questions … like what the heck is Healthgating.

Just wanted to introduce myself, say Helllo and give you all fair warning …


Alright, then… Welcome! There are a lot of people here who take joy in helping new people out, so keep your questions coming!

There’s a mechanic in BL that prevents you from being one-shotted by an enemy. Like a raid boss, for example. They have some pretty strong attacks that would, by all means, normally kill you right away. But health gate means that they can only get you down to a certain level of health in one shot. I don’t have the exact percentage on it, but let’s for arguments sake say that it’s 30% of your max health. This means that as long as you’re above 30%, you can’t be one-shotted.

Health gate abuse is when your build leaves you with a very low max health, but you have some item that gives you massive health regeneration. That way, you can take a heavy hit, and before the next one lands, you’re already above health gate.


Wow … Thank you so much for the quick reply and explanation. I wasn’t familiar with the term but can recollect some instances it may have saved my ass. Dex immediately comes to mind …

I play on ps4, have an OP4 Sal and a 63 Maya at the moment. I normally play solo but recently played a few co-op sessions.

Would like to go to OP8 withmy Sal but I havent2been able to get past OP4 solo.

@Ronnie_Rayburn nailed it. I think “healthgating” refers to the tactic of relying on this mechanic as part of one’s survival strategy. Specifically: doing things like equipping turtle shields and not investing in points that add to health to keep one’s health pool as low as possible. Knowing that enemies are going to knock through your entire health/shield pool in one shot regularly, and that you only need to recover 30% or whatever of this pool between shots to survive them, a lower pool means that it’s much easier to recover past this point with the various game mechanics (30% of 10 is only ~3 health points, but 30% of 100 is ~30, which takes longer to recharge).

Welcome to the forums!


Take your time! Digi Peak is pretty brutal, and you simply need to build up some experience to be able to deal with it properly. You also need to have good gear. You may also wanna read up on this, since the Peak is a bit different than the rest of the game.


Thanks again … You rule. I dont care what the others say about you!
With Sal, I usually equip with a Twin Hornet, Slagga, Grog and DUPH. Depending on the situation, I’ll swap out to Corrosive and Fire Pimpernels. All of my gear is at OP4 as I’ve had plenty of time at that level. I also use an Antagonist, Alkaline Big Boom Blaster (only immunity to corrosion i have)or Bee shield for the most part. I also switch between Leg Hoarder (for ammo regen) or Leg Gunzerker class mods.
I rarely use rocket launchers. I have an OP4 Tunguska but it only seems to put me in FFYL when i shoot it so … needless to say, i just avoid using it. I haven’t been successful at killing Hyperius solo to get the Norfleet at OP4 but I can bully him at 72 … Not the same though and feels a little dirty even fighting him at 72.

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I’m not the best Sal player and am sure others here will have better advice, but Dahl (your hornet) weapons don’t really suit Sal because you don’t aim down the sites while gunzerking. My best experience with gun pairings has been:

  1. Grog/Harold combined with a relic that boosts explosive damage,
  2. Slag Pimpernel/torgue rocket launcer (Ahab for most damage, Creamer for healing) combined with a relic that boosts explosive damage,
  3. Flakker/torgue rocket launcer (Ahab for most damage, Creamer for healing) combined with a relic that boosts explosive damage,
  4. rustler’s orphan maker/lady fist (for maximizing the critical hit damage of the orphan maker…i believe the orphan maker must have a magazine size of 3 in order to get money shot damage.

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the family :facepunch::facepunch:

Just to clarify you cannot get one shot if you have above 50% health.


If you are still looking for a purple Magic Missile x4, if one hadn’t dropped yet, I usually make sacrifices at the altar in Dragon Keep until I get an Ultimate Badass Wizard spawn to drop one. Also, I like to get a Badass Sorcerer spawn to drop a Chain Lightning.


Welcome home. If you’re having troubles with Hyperius you can use @CommonDefence’s second point. I use a Durp launcher. You just want it to have a specific parts composition. Bandit grip and exhaust with a sight that isn’t Maliwan (I think. We’ve talked about this a bunch and all I do is avoid Maliwan parts because some of them increase rocket speed which affects the spread on the Pimp orbs.) are the important ones to watch out for. @Jefe knows better than I do, maybe he’ll stop by and drop the proper specs. I can say that I have those pieces of gear at OP7 and I can stomp Hyperius reliably at OP8, so I’d expect that OP4 versions would ridicule him in a similar fashion at level.


I’ll do my best…

Oh - so you’ve already had a warning about @Ronnie_Rayburn? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The others have answered this effectively but

  • Sal + Dahl (Hornet) = Dahlvador which is what we try to trick noobs into. Works between Gunzerks but that’s not enough reason to equip it.
  • Consider a Harold other than the DP - especially since you’re also using a Grog. You will run out of ammo. Hard or Intense are better, Crammed is good too.
  • Fire (Pimpernel) is not as consistently good on the Peak as corrosive. The Peak guide that Ronnie linked has a link to a topic I created. In short, elements work differently there. Corrosive and explosive are the most reliable.

Then you’re using it correctly :wink:

Yeah - forget the Norfleet. Hyp’s loot pool is enormous - it can takes dozens or scores of kills to get one.

Next : everything @CommonDefence said. Especially the Orphan Maker + Grog and Lady Fist. This combination is insanely powerful. People have used a lvl 72 Orphan Maker & Lady Fist right through til OP8. I don’t recommend it but it’s entirely possible. However this combo doesn’t work very well on Saturn (OP6?) but a Pimp+Bee does.

I really try not to promote this for anything but for speed-farming raid bosses for the necessary gear - but since Interfacers, Blockades, Evolutions, Omens, Stingers, Antagonists and Lead Storms are good Sal gear (Ahab too, but Gee’s a chore)…

A Duurp is the Sal RL when combined with a Pimpernel. Please let me know if you’re unaware of the exploit because it takes some explaining.
But parts : Bandit (or Torgue, second best) grip, Torgue exhaust, non-Maliwan sight, mag size accessory are all ideal. But so long as the mag size is decent (say 5) and the rocket speed is slow (which all Duurps will have unless they have Maliwan parts), you’re ready to annihilate.
Also let me know if you know how to spot parts or not.

Have fun!


I agree. It’s all I use it for (well, that and Saturn, screw that mountain of health), and only highlighted it because @mourning6lory mentioned Hyperius and the search for 'fleets. Otherwise Salvester does it all with the ROM + Grog/Lady Fist, and that feels like a fondue method pretty often as well.


I smell a conspiracy behind my back. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :innocent:


Forgot to mention, I’ve killed Hyperius probably over 100 times, never had a Norfleet drop from him, so either it is not in his loot pool on the xbox one version of the game or i am just very unlucky. I hope you have a lot of patience :slight_smile:


My patience has been thoroughly exercised playing this game. Due to my playing solo most of the time, I don’t expect to spawn Verm to farm a Norfleet so Hyperious is my best option, I believe.

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Norfleet is kind of a niche gun, imo. Sure, you can go shamfleeting with it, but apart from that, all it’s really good for is getting out of FFYL. And there are other guns that are almost as good at that. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Go farm the Loot Train in the Mercenary Day HH-pack. Plenty of Topneas and PBFG’s in those chests, and they are really good in general.

But when you finally do get that Norfleet to drop, it’s a glorious feeling! :wink:

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I believe that my intentions may have been misinterpreted. I really only want a Norfleet as more of a collection item as I dont have one. I do have an e-tech Topnea i never use.

And I’ve killed Tinder Snowflake many many times.

Off topic … I found a corrosive Gub in a locker by Tannis in Sanctuary last night. :grinning:


I do remember my first couple trips through BL2, when I was just starting to get a feel for the odd nuances of Unique weapons, and the Norfleet was this mythical creature that some people were talking about: both rare and powerful… I also wanted one just to check it out. I get it.


First, welcome! :grinning: Second, while an explosive relic is good with the Grog/Harold combo I tend to go with the Sheriff’s Badge when using pistols, as the bonus applies to all types of pistols- no need for continually switching relics. Third, have you heard of the Deputy Sal build by Derch? You may want to give it a shot as shotguns work really well with Sal. …