Noobie, need advice on toons please

Hey, picked this up today, wanted to know which characters are gun based as I don’t like melee. If anyone knows please let me know, installing updates right now, exited to play campaign solo :).

Oscar Mike is a good choice. Easy to play. Marquis is sniper-like. Best tip to start - don’t rush in. Take your time and pick up everything. Shards are important to activate gear and loot boxes can give you extra lives and helix advancement.


I’m going to list all Ranged characters since I’m not quite sure what you mean with “Gun” (Rifle? Pistol? Grenade Launcher? Mini Gun? Does a Plasma Cannon count?)

Ranged; Alani, Ernest, Isic, Kleese, Mellka (Secondary is a melee attack), Miko, orendi, Oscar Mike, Reyna, Whiskey Foxtrot, Marquis, Montana, Thorn, Caldarius (Secondary is a melee attack), Ghalt, Benedict, Toby


Many melee characters have a ranged option, but the following Battleborn fight mostly from range:

Oscar Mike (the classic FPS gunner)
Caldarius (automatic pistol, secondary melee)
Mellka (automatic pistol, grenades, secondary melee)
Whiskey Foxtrot (three shot pulse fire)
Marquis (sniper rifle, pistol)
Toby (railgun - charged shot sniper)
Reyna (pistol)
Orendi (chaos magik)
Alani (torrents of water)
Benedict (rocket launcher)
Ernest (grenade launcher)
Ghalt (shotgun)
Montana (minigun)
ISIC (chargeable rapid firing cannon)
Miko (throwing kunai)
Thorn (bow)

Did I miss anyone?


So I missed two things: Kleese and posting first. :cry:


Also, I still suggest trying melee at least a little bit, since even the melee characters are actually very fun and the main draw of this game - You’ll be missing out if you don’t try them all out at least once!
(Melee is significantly more difficult though)

Well, you took the time to actually write what weapons the characters use which is better than mine haha (You also missed Reynas Plasma Pulse)

thank you everyone for your input, helped a lot :slight_smile:


To start, the glory of this game lies in the characters, so if one doesn’t seem right to you, try another! Or 8 more! Just do whatever you want!

To start off, as many have said, I’d reccomend Oscar Mike. Take left at levels 1 and 2, so your grenade does amazing, easy to aim damage. The rest are your choice. Level 3 specifically is preferential, as you may want to get closer or shoot things from a distance before they can touch you.

If you’ve come from Borderlands, you know how this all works, but if you haven’t, there is a way to triple your damage. Shoot the target in a particular spot, which is usually the head, to get a critical hit and deal triple damage. If you ever go to PVP, critical bits on enemy Battleborn are only 1.5 times the damage.

Don’t use CC reduction gear or any negative that affects your character. For example, avoid -health, move speed, or damage reduction.

Eldrid characters do not have shields, but typically have higher health and regen. You can give them a shield, or you can use -shield gear for a cheaper price without it affecting you.

Some characters, such as Rath and Deande, have lifesteal on their attacks. This is not affected by healing recieved or heal power gear, so don’t worry about that.

Each faction specializes in a different thing.
Jennerit: speed, lifesteal, lethality
LLC: shield strength, tanks and glass cannons
Eldrid: well rounded, good tanks and damagers
UPR: gun users who can operate at longer ranges
Rogue: a modgepodge of a group. Lots of stealth

If you need to plan anything out beforehand, you can use this:

I’d you need to find anything else about literally anything in the game, you can use this:

Remember, this game is all about the characters, sticking to one can burn you out. Additionally, this game is made to play with others. Playing it solo may be a bit more boring than with a group of 2 to 5

If you’re still wondering or confused about anything, all of us are here to help. It’s a complicated game, but it’s also a great one.


Anyone but Kelvin, Boldur, Phoebe, Rath, El Dragon, Galilea, Pendles, Deande, Shayne and Aurox, Attikus.

I’m gonna say what probably needs to be said, you need to learn all the heroes. It doesn’t matter what you like, you need to know what all the heroes do, otherwise you’ll get mopped across the floor.

Eldrid actually have average health with the exception of the tanks naturally. Melka, Alani, and Thorn have slightly less than Cal

Well, Mellka and Alani were supposed to have a lot more. Miko as well. Thorn has pretty strong health though

Not arguing or anything was just pointing it out to the poster as I didn’t want someone trying a diff char expecting it to have much more than it does and not give it a chance.

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Good point. I edited it a lil to clarify

@mannyhorwitz, which p-form u on, and, time zone u in?