Noobs getting stomped > Core gamers never getting to play (ELO)

The ELO has to be addressed. I spend more time these days waiting in queues than getting to play this awesome game.

I have not been able to play a capture map in days despite hours waiting in queues.

Others claim they have no issues so I assume it is not a population issue, but an ELO one.

I am playing at high playtimes, not obscure hours.

I have 70% winrate,I let you imagine than I find a game randomly between 30sec to 30 minutes queue,really depends.
So +1,if something could be done to the matchmaking,would be nice.

Platform? If you’re on PC, change your download region on steam to somewhere more people are playing. This may simply be lack of players.

I have done this to multiple regions. I do not believe it has any impact whatsoever on matchmaking.

It also wouldn’t surprise me if capture were the least played mode, being the most similar to other games.

Capture is definately the least played, but when you are “only allowed to play with (ELO)” 20% of an already low population, it exacerbates the problem even further. I still have 30 minute waits on meltdown as well.