Nooooooooooooooooo! (It ended)

Reyna’s ticked



Well that’s sad to see.

I should have spent the latter half of last night farming the last two challenges I needed, instead of playing Dishonored. Ah well.


It seemed very popular, Don’t see why they wouldn’t bring it back. I know it helped some of my friends finish up Kleese lore.

…I got very close with Kleese, only needed one more match with Overgrowth.

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Oh, you wouldn’t have been able to finish that anyway. Overgrowth wasn’t in the bot match rotation.

That makes sense :wink:

It is the most picked Map in Incursion though.

Aww, hoped it would last until the update is out at least :frowning:
Will be keeping an eye out for it returning.

Those poor bots needed a rest. Had we as a community continued to style on them, they may have decided to up and leave us like many noobs before them! /s

May they cherish this rest, behind their private matches temple for as long as it holds.


I will definitely be keeping an eye out for its return as well.

Also hoping for a fix to the issue of the “participate in killing X 5 times” lore challenges not working in bot battles sometime before then (though on the note of PvP/PvE-only lore, I’d prefer to see an update that either added alternative lore challenges or changed the challenges entirely to things that can be done in either mode).

I love it when it says quick match, estimated wait long


i actually returned for the bot matches it was nice to queue and get in to a game in a minute or 2 instead of waiting hours . they should keep it full time although they need to sort capture bots matches the ai was shocking . can’t really see myself playing this again even with the update coming the queue times won’t change


Gosh darn it. Should’ve played Toby and tried for that bloody double-kill. But noooo, I had to spend the entire time messing around with Montana. Gah.

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I’m not trying to rub it in but I managed to get his double kill lore and honestly that made life so much easier

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Yeah - by all rights I should have it by now, but I’m just terrible. Haha!

I played on every map EXCEPT Overgrowth. I don’t even think it was in the queue.

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It wasn’t. At least that I ever saw. And face-off in general wasn’t in the queue either.

I took that a tactful admission from gearbox that the mode is essentially just a jumped up TDM.

Is the Human versus Bot thing done? I’m very disappointed to find out that it was temporary. I was extremely excited that the mode was added to the game, however I thought that mode was coming out with the winter update. Now right when I start up the game I find out it’s came and gone. The mode should have been permanent, it’s what I’ve been waiting for since I bought this game last year.

Worse, is that I do not like Chaos Rumble as I dislike duplicate characters in groups. Draft pick is something I would never ever touch. So while I lose the one mode I may actually like the most in this game. I can’t even play regular multiplayer for a while.

So far this Winter Update has been one of my worst Battle born experiences. :frowning:

The Devs might bring it back, it was very favorable.