[Nope][GameRule] Per-player starting fleets?

I was just wondering if this is possible in HWRM? I had to cut that feature out of my mod, and thought that maybe on the off chance it was added by the devs when I wasn’t paying attention.

Nope, sorry! We thought about it, but never got there. At this point, as with many things (like more than 32 gametype options), it would break the save format without a TON of work, so won’t be anything we touch for a good long while.

Is that why the game crashes at the end of a match? Because the game is trying to save stuff?

No, it crashes because the code allows an overflow a fixed-size array of 32, which stomps a ton of RAM, making clean-up a series of invalid memory access events, etc.

We could fix the stomp and just crash with a dialog - but hey, don’t go over 32.

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