Nope. NO MORE Incursion for this guy!

But before I even complain about a match I just finished, poorly I might add…

I have to wonder AND ask what everyone’s thoughts are on the Respawning “queues”? It seems to grow from a simple 10 seconds to an abnormal 50-60 seconds, and it’s kind of a head-scratcher for a mode that requires At Least two players of one team at a time.

We’re do I find codes at

The respawn ques are there to discourage dying in the first place, It allows a losing team coordinate a push if they manage to kill the other team. You have you get in the habit of picking your fights wisely. If you don’t have a teammate in the area consider waiting for one or back-off altogether.


Nearly every PVP game have the respawn queue go longer after a certain amount of time and char level.

For this kind of MOBA style pvp, that is pretty much one of the basic features.


Games already last to the time limit pretty much every time, less time spent dead means objectives would never be possible.


Your team is being punished for you dying, thats just how it is in mobas. At least they’re not taking crystals too.

Not sure I’ve ever had to wait a whole minute to respawn, but surely 30 seconds. Which is incentive for me to stay alive and play smarter. Not just run into enemy territory and chance dying for the sake of K/O, if even that. (which is something I see people doing fairly often smh)