Norfleet Anarchist Build

Hello guys, Xorphaz here. As I have seen a lot of builds and guides in this forum, and because it is active, I have decided to share my own Gaige build. This is my first BL2 guide here, so feel free to tell me any errors.
Also, you could even consider this a (almost) full Maliwan build, if you swap some gear.

I will probably be modifying this one as I see fit and I change it.

NOTE: This build requires a bit of pre-stacking to be really effective at OP8 (50-100 stacks more or less).

Anyways, for the build:
Base build -> Vanilla /// UCP

You can start using this from lvl 50-51, but to be honest, who farms Norfleets before lvl 72?

This is all you really need (even included a couple of extras, but being realistic, I personally don’t want to farm any Norfleets before OP0), the rest of the build is up to you, I personally recommend the following:
Vanilla /// UCP

Most of the talents I chose there are just “quality of life” talents in the Vanilla version, while in the UCP version there is a couple of talents that make the build even more powerful. I personally use the UCP myself, so that is the build I am gonna be explaining, because the other bonuses added to the Vanilla complete build are just minor upgrades.

Close enough (5/5): Before you have Norfleets (and stacks) you need something to hit with… and you won’t have accuracy to hit things.
Cooking up trouble (5/5): You have no healing unless you swap to the Rubi or the Grog Nozzle.
Fancy mathematics (5/5): Shield improvements for your Sham to be powerful as a badass.
Buck up (1/1): 15% shield capacity increase? Yes please.
Potent as a Pony (5/5): Tank. Tank everything deathtrap.
Unstoppable Force (3/5): Shield regeneration + speed. You will be killing things all the time so this is really nice.
Made of Sterner Stuff (5/5): TANK EVERYTHING I SAID. (Also nice damage reduction for you too)
Sharing is Caring (1/1): A Sham for deathtrap and -20% recharge delay for you.

Myelin (5/5): More shield capacity and a nice shock resistance.
Strength of Five Gorillas (5/5): More damage is always good. 15% Gun damage increase.
Shock and “AAAGGGGHHH!” (1/1): 25% reload speed comes really handy for those slow Norfleets.

Anarchy (1/1): No explanation needed, lots of damage. Your main talent, everything Gaige lives for.
Smaller, Lighter, Faster (4/4): +reload speed for the slow Norfleets. Even though the mag size reduction is bad, you won’t need more than 2 shots for the Norfleet. Also, pre-req for the next talents. NOTE: You can’t shoot the Infinity or any 1 mag-sized weapon if you take this talent.
Preshrunk Cyberpunk (5/5): More anarchy = more damage.
Robot Rampage (1/1): A very nice +20% gun damage. The active skill for deathtrap is nice too.
Annoyed Android (5/5): More powerful deathtrap. Filler, can swap for “Death from above”
Discord (1/1): This is to prevent you from losing all your stacks if by any chance you decide to reload.
Typecast Iconoclast (5/5): More anarchy stacks. Simple.
The Nth Degree (3/5): For pre-norfleet stage. Filler, can be swapped with other talent.
With Claws (1/1): More swap speed the more stacks you have.

Gear Explanation:
I will explain everything needed as well as the optional gear that you might find useful here. I will also mention some weapon parts that you might not now, so the full list of weapon parts is here.

1st and 2nd weapon slot:
Fire and Corrosive Norfleet: This is your bread and butter. Your main source of damage, your main weapon for FFYL, everything. Perfect parts for this are: Maliwan grip, Torgue exhaust and the “Puissant” prefix (+damage). You can get this from Vermivorous, but it is way easier to farm Hyperius in the Pirates Booty DLC.

3rd weapon slot:
Shock OR Slag Norfleet: Shock for shields, slag if you don’t have a slag grenade. You should have the one you are not using in your inventory.

4th weapon slot:
Player choice. You can have all your Norfleets, but I personally prefer a DPUH (Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold) with Torgue grip. Grog Nozzle or Slag Rubi for healing. You can get the Harold from Savage Lee in Three Horns Divide. The Rubi is a quest reward and the Grog Nozzle is a quest item from the Tiny Tina DLC (you could also get it for limited time if you were on the loot hunt from Gold Golem, or if you have the UCP).

Sham: Very important, it is REQUIRED for this build to work. You shoot a Norfleet, the Norfleet shoots you back, and if you have a Sham, you will get some ammo and not damage. You can have kind of infinite ammo with this shield. The perfect Sham is 94% absorb chance and the parts are x3 Maliwan. You can get this one from Bunker (BNK-3R) or from DJ Tanner in the Pirates Booty DLC if you have the UCP.

Class mod:
Slayer of Terramorphous: +Fire damage and +Anarchy stacks. You can have the most Anarchy stacks with this class mod, which means the most damage. You can get this from, obviously, Terramorphous.

Any Slag grenade is fine. I use a low level Crossfire, the lower the better. Same slag chance, less chances to kill yourself. If you feel like you need healing, the choices are 0-Negative, or just a regular 0 fuse time longbow transfusion. The Crossfire can be purchased from the Seraph vendor in the Torgue DLC. The 0-Negative is a drop from Pyro Pete the Invincible.

Bone of the Ancients of the element/elements of your choice (fire and corrosive are the best): More elemental damage = more Norfleet damage. Also, nice cooldown rate reduction so you can have Deathtrap up more often. This is dropped by loot midgets.

Inventory gear:
Logan’s gun: This is your weapon to refill your rocket launcher ammo. Get your Sham on, shoot at your feet, and you get free ammo. This one is probably the only “must” of the inventory weapons. Dropped by Wilhelm.
Grog Nozzle / Slag Rubi: So you can get some healing if you feel you are getting rekt. As mentioned earlier, Rubi is a quest reward and the Nozzle is from Tiny Tina’s DLC.
Butcher/Interfacer/Conference Call: Very good damage, a good choice for 4th weapon slot if you have enough stacks. Also, the best prefix for the three is practicable. The butcher is a Pearl that can be dropped by legendary loot midgets or OMGWTH in the Raid of the Digistruct Peak. The Interfacer is dropped from Voracidous in the Hammerlock’s Hunt DLC. Conference call drops from both The Warrior and Handsome Sorcerer in the Tiny Tina DLC (Thank you Endborn1).
Any 1shot shotgun: Pre-stacking purposes. I usually use the Striker for this as it is a really good weapon, but Torgue Ravagers and Jakobs Quads are really good options.
Hive: You can farm Hyperius very easily with this and the Grog Nozzle buff. Dropped by Saturn.
Chain lightning: If you have a Slag Rubi or a Grog Nozzle in hand, this can heal you up to full hp with just one grenade. Good for shutting down enemies with shields too. Dropped by Badass Wizards (the legendary one) in the Tiny Tina DLC.
Legendary Anarchist: For pre-stacking, the +5 to Typecast Iconoclast is very good. Dropped by Tubby enemies.
Bone of the ancients of every element: Fire, corrosive and shock, for your 3 Norfleets. Dropped by loot midgets.

The mechanics:
Pretty much all you have to do is pre-stack some (50-100 stacks) and then run around like a madman with your Norfleets. Such mechanix, much wow.
To be honest, it is really nice to rush through content/farm legendaries or raid bosses, but it will be boring after a while playing it.

This is everything for this guide. As I stated before, it is my first guide, so if you feel something is wrong, be sure to tell me. Will do some videos featuring Raid Bosses in the future, so look up to it.

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i like the colors.

Since you recommend to do pre-stacking, might as well recommend a stacking weapon. :wink::wink:


The Conference Call with Anarchy Gaige completely blows the Butcher and the Interfacer out of the water, and it’s easier to farm (The Warrior and Handsome Sorcerer drop in less than a minute, especially with such a powerful build).

In addition, I would only recommend the Slayer of Terramorphous COM for Raiding purposes, as it’s completely overkill against most enemies in general mobbing scenarios. The Legendary Anarchist COM will give you better flexibility overall.

Edit : didn’t see this is one month old. My bad ! :confused:


I noted it, any 1-shot shotgun, in white because… any shotgun can have 1 shot.

I personally use a Striker, but Torgue’s Ravagers and Jakobs’ Quads are really good.

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About the Conference Call, I was about to include it…? But somehow I finally discarded it in the end. Maybe I just like a bit too much the Interfacer :stuck_out_tongue: . Will add it though.

And about the COM, I just use Slayer of Terramorphous because that is what this build is about. Total. And. Absolute. Overkill.

Why else would you use a Norfleet? :smile:

DW About the one month old thingy, I haven’t been able to be on the forums that much and 1 month is not really “old” :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just credited you in the Conference Call thing, thanks!


“Old” is a little subjective. My rule-of-thumb is a year or more. Build and Guide threads are a bit of an exception, though, since they retain value over time (unlike, say, a request to help to beat a specific boss or mission.)

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