Norfleet and/or shredifier

Would anybody care to trade a slag and shock norfleet and/ or shredifier on ps4 this weekend? Reply with what you would like and we can work from there.

What level?

I’d be interested if you had something of equatable usefulness. I have an OP8 Norfleet and have a few specific things I’m looking for.

All op8. I don’t need a shredifier any more as I just got one. And what we’re you looking for, as I have many things

An OP6 Legendary Catalyst mechro class mod, or any OP8 Terra gear. Preferable on the Shotgun and not looking for the class mod.

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What about pitchforks since they are in his loot pool. And I’ll have to hit some tubbys and Terra with my pimphab. I’ll let you know later

Pitchfork is a pretty common drop from terra, it’d depend on the parts on them but I’m open to the idea.

Okay. Once I get home I’ll let you know what kind it is. I know it’s shock though

What kind of norfleet is it?

Shock I think, though I’m pretty sure I have more than one. I’ll check when I’m off work.

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Okay. I’ll see what I can get today and tomorrow and I’ll let you know. Is the COM you’re looking for rare or do you just want it without trouble?

Okay so the pitchfork has night prefix, Hyperion handle, looks like maybe jakobs sight, 500k base damage, 4.5x weapon zoom and 120% bonus crit damage

Just got another pitchfork. Fire, night prefix, looks like Dahl grip, 516k base damage and 120% crit increase and 6.3x zoom

I also have a lvl 50 hide and blood of Terra if you’d like them

Just got an op8 teeth of Terra, that’s one item down

Hide of Terra obtained

Got everything from Terra except grenade. Ended with two hides, three pitchforks, slag shock and fire, one teeth and one blood. Going for the COM now

You still need this stuff? Send me a FR, I’ve got it for you…

No I have people already. Thanks for the offer though!

If you’re still farming for that stuff to give the other dude who wants the Terra crap I can give all that to him too…Then everyone will be happy or do whatever you want just let me know.