Norfleet drop discussion

I was farming hyperious for a norfleet recently and I’ve been wondering. What is his drop rate for the norfleet, and does anybody other than him and vermivorous drop it? Thanks for the answers. I’m on op8 difficulty, if that helps

Only those 2 drop it and for Hyp I don’t know the rate but its really rare.

How rare? Like original cobra drop rate or chance of getting vermi to spawn

I don’t know how rare, not cobra rare but pretty rare. I would say more rare than getting vermi to spawn, I’ve got a ton of vermi’s and very few norfleets from hyp

Okay because I’ve never been able to get vermi to spawn since ive been playing solo, and I thought that killing hyperious would be an easier way but its been a couple days

i’ve seen two or three Northfleets Norfleets dropping from vermi or hyp tbh

I’ve had 1 drop from hyperious and 1 from vermi 1 at lvl 50 1 at op8
I’m sure its drop rate is lower than the other legendaries since its so powerful

I’ve never had a Norfleet drop, ever.

Thanks to the loot hunt I can say that I at least had a Cobra once.


Same here but I can’t say I was very impressed with the Cobra.


Same here man.

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Rolling Hyperius is much faster than Vermi, since the latter may not even show, and soaks up ammo like a sponge. Having said that, I’ve gotten way more Norfleets from Vermi than Hype, and I’ve killed Vermi around…60 times, and Hype, close to 100. All from 72 to OP8, whatever effect that has on drop rates. If I’m seriously trying to help someone farm a Norfleet, we do Vermivorous. As a matter of fact, we just got a nice one on our 6th Caustic run, 2nd Vermi, last week.

You might have better luck with four players. I know that Terramorphous, for example, has increased odds of dropping the top gear (and more drops in total) based on the number of players.

I know hyerious sets the difficult to 4 player so it doesn’t matter how many players you have when your farming him.

Ah yes - forgot about that little detail!

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Didn’t GBX fix that in the October patch?

They changed it to where the effect only stays active while your in his area and deactivates when you leave afaik.

Eh, you’re probably right. Looking at the patch notes, I think Raid bosses are still set to four players, but that gets reset when the player(s) leave the arena area.

Yeah but not all raids Pete and terra are not and maybe the dragons idk about them.

It’s pretty rare from Hyperius. Just keep at it. It will drop. I’ve had 3 drop from Vermi and 2 from Hyperius at OP8. It takes a while. Get your farm on! LOL You’ll get it. :acmaffirmative:

Edit: I would stay at Hyperius only because you don’t have to save/quit to farm him. you can just leave the gate and come right back in. Rinse/repeat. Much quicker farm. You’ll get a ton of loot and hopefully the Norfleet. Good luck. RNG can be a grind sometimes.

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I only ever had one drop from Hyperious myself, but it was only about 120-130 kills total when an all maliwan shock Norfleet dropped. Being how easy it is to farm Hyperious I would concentrate on him and him alone instead of Vermi.

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