Norfleet or bust

If anyone has a 72 that they don’t need anymore or can tell me who is the better farm, Verm or Hyperious, it would be appreciated. I would like to be make the farm less painful for my friends.


So it’s back to farm again after three days of nothing. Figures.

Well Verm is great he usually drops em… But it’s Verm lets be honest. Also with a Zerker you can Pimp/Nuke Hyperious within seconds.

We farmed for three nights with nothing. Doesn’t matter if it’s quick if you don’t get a thing.

And you want 72 correct?

Yeah figure if we have at least one we can increase our farm speed even more. BORE is nice and all but our Zero is a bit rusty.

You still online? Farm him 50 times… Got 6 Legendary drops including a Norfleet

Update… Kept going and kept count. Hr an a half
3 Norfleets
14 Sledge
12 hornets
7 wtf
4 shredder fires
1 devastator couldn’t believe it
1 veruc
1 kiss of death nade mod…

Also kept the 3 fleets, you want them I’ll be on Tuesday and Wednesday night 11pm Est.

I’ll be on tonight about then yes. Man our RNG must just suck.

On right now till midnight probably. PSN is Blackkyuubi6. Send me a message when you can.

Hey can i join im looking for peo ppl le to help me get a lvl 50 norfleet and it would really help if we could kill hyperius

Well I can give you a hand but it will have to be tomorrow night. We were also killing him at 72. Add me on Psn

ok cya then ill add you l8r im not on now

On now.

ok meet you in game