Norfleet question

is it possible to get Norfleet from uranius boss ? I know he has massive loot pool but curious if he has chance of dropping Norfleet bazooka?

No. The Norfleet is a unique drop, it’s not in the world pool.

yeah was curious as I know boss has large pool of drops but some say its up only vanilla drops others say it has much more etc and badly want Norfleet just hate doing hyperius (as trying to bore him on op10 takes getting used of) and bug boss is major pain to spawn in on op10

Notfleet, Longbow, and Ogre are legendary rarity but they’re treated as unique drops so they’re absent from the world pool and Uranus/Cassius/Haderax’s loot pools. Sorry I don’t have better news, Norfleet still remains one of the most difficult farms in the game :frowning:

Have you not signed up for the VIP program? You can get norfleets through that.