NORFLEET ZANE! Its BACK and better than ever!

Hey there!
Im back! This time with a new AWESOME and FUN interaction on our main boyo Zane.
Its a throw back to the good old Borderlands 2 days, with even more visual clutter!

  • so if you hated this build in BL2 you will hate it even more! :smiley:
  • BUT if you loved the lazy approach to gameplay, reducing all the problems in a video game to absolutly zero and never worry about anything ever in your life, than this will make you even more happy!

I loved my Axton Shamfleet, and I do love my Zane, this is a match made in heaven for me!

so how long will it take to nerf Duct Taped Mod and Commitment? Take your guess! :wink:

Took them over a year to swap 2 capstones :joy:

I think it’s safe for a while hahahaha

well I would consider this a buff overall… and with buffs we know gearbox is cautios and takes a while

with my infinite ammo facepuncher zane it took them less then 2 month to “”“fix”"" it… same with old hex.
so I think with more builds popping up showing how rediculous commitment is… and maybe even how fun duct tape mod is now, I think they wont allow us to have fun for long! ^^

I was surprised they tacked on the damage from your guns hahaha

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it should have ben immunity to totl nothing else yet they got it completely wrong it is full self damage immunity while u still cryo dot yourself from totl and receive any other dots to still use elemental projector. nice thingking gearbox give character full self splash damage immunity inc playing dirty snowdrift nukem boyo

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completely “right” is what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just came back after taking a break.

You cant facepuncher/cutpurse on your clone anymore for infinite ammo?

That was broken awhile ago. Another unintended ‘fix’ if I remember correctly.

No you can’t, they killed our build several month ago shortly after we discovered it. Everything else about still works, they just specifically and surgically Killed this interaction so the clone doesn’t give you ammo anymore…

Tediore chucking is kind of back now though, but while testing I found this much more easier to use version for basically the same and better results