Normal/Advance modes drop different gear?

I was reading through the sub Reddit and I came across a few posts stating that some legendary gear dropped on advance isn’t worth it.

Does this mean that specific gear drops are based on advance and normal?

Ive been under the impression that advance just increased overall drop rate

Apparently someone figured out that there are different drop rates for normal and advance, but advance can drop the legendaries for normal.

Edit: don’t remember where I found this so I can’t figure out who to give credit to.

Edit 2: Apparently the person who found all his out is lowlines. If you are reading this you are awesome :smiley:

That would be lowlines @lowlines is the creator. He/she has made tonz of amazing guides please show um some love :smiley:


Thank you! I wasn’t sure who did this since I can’t remember.

@maxeastwood Shh, let it become a myth.

No one knows where it came from or who created it. Some think players just willed it into existence to aid them in their fight against the Varelsi.

@Synchophade The original post I put up is still there far into the depths of the forums. I figure due to the nature of how I got my information (data mining the PC version of the game), is maybe why it has never been stickied. Whenever I do a new post I immediately bookmark it so I can find it again later.

Maybe I should do a “A Visual Guide to Visual Guides” post listing all of my guide posts and a moderator can sticky that?


Lowliness seeing as you are the legendary guru do u know the way the stack effects work on the sentinel attack speed drop rates? I know Rendain’s sword is permanent until death but I didn’t know about sentinel’s legendary sword

I think generally unless otherwise stated, it would have a short few second lasting effect unless you trigger another stack, which would reset the timer for the effect. I’d assume even though you will only be able to stack it 5x, continuing will keep reseting the effect timer like how a lot of skills worked in BL2 IRC. I’d have to look at the raw data on the skills, but this kind of thing gets really complicated fast since there are a lot of variables that go into calculating them. I reckon card descriptions like that need to be more clear on how long the effect lasts for.

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I do too. I know about Rendain’s cause my friend has one. He was clapping so fast with El Dragon due to the sword and other speed gear and it lasted. I might just try to go for that one due I know it lasts even though critical attack speed stacks more crucial for my play style

I have a question: can you still get the “normal” legendaries on “advanced”? I ask, because i want to farm Arc/Vyn for the Symbiotic Gauntlet, and the Old Sentinel for the Vigilance Link (both normal drops); but i want the Stolen Edge of What’cha-Foozit too (advanced), for Toby. I don’t generally farm, but people are claiming the new boss drop rates are excellent now.

Yep, that’s why Advanced is generally better for farming, because you can get anything the boss drops