Normal mayhem 3 and tvhm mayhem 3 same experience

So im trying to get the gun from graveward, no luck in tvhm so tried normal and its the same exp, 36k per kill, surely tvhm should give more?

Agreed! I was just going to create a thread on this.

It’s almost as if TVHM shouldn’t even exist and is replaced with the Mayhem difficulties. I just beat the game on TVHM Mayhem 3 and decided to do some Graveward farming. I noticed the experience of 36,300K seemed very familiar. I switched to normal M3 and got the same exact experience!

I thought the Mayhem would give you more bonuses in TVHM as well.

This is what I assumed would be about what the droprate and experience bonuses would be from lowest to highest

  1. Normal
  2. Normal Mayhem 1 / TVHM
  3. Normal Mayhem 2 / TVHM Mayhem 1
  4. Normal Mayhem 3 / TVHM Mayhem 2
  5. TVHM Mayhem 3

From what I can tell there is no difference between Normal and TVHM and Mayhem modifiers.

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Would love clarity on this or stats to show how much the luck is increased on tvhm

I am curious… just because only PC seems to be able to do Mayhem in TVHM without it being unlocked in TVHM…
Console users, on the contrary, need to unlock Mayhem it in TVHM first before using it in TVHM. So I think the combination of TVHM+Mayhem might be buggy somehow…

So, did you unlock Mayhem in TVHM yet or not?

I did think it was odd that the Mayhems were unlocked for TVHM before beating it on that mode. However I didn’t notice the experience was the same between Normal M3 and TVHM M3 until after beating the game on TVHM M3.

There is also a quest that introduces you to the Mayhem modes after beating the campaign. It has you select Mayhem 1. Since I was already on Mayhem 3 I had to change it to Mayhem 1 and then back again. I feel this would have definitely “reset” any issues to ensure my Mayhem mode was correct. My xp test was after this as well.

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