Normal mode Mayhem levels?

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As above…

If you are using Mayhem they are the same.

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I would agree with this notion. I drug myself through it 6 times, and for what? I can get the exact same results without running this campaign through again and again. There is no reward for the extra effort.

I always play Normal Mayhem online because that’s where I find the most players. With TVHM I feel there isn’t much people playing online (Xbox) or I am not patient enough to wait in TVHM Mayhem.

The other day I was thinking Normal mode should keep the current Mayhem 1 to 4. TVHM should have Mayhem 2.0.


Technically they did not allow it for normal playthrough - Mayhem pedestal is only available after you beat the story.

I actually like that it’s there outside of TVHM. Gives people options (at the expense of fragmenting co-op base, I admit).

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Until you beat the game it isnt an issue. My primary complain was the lack of reward for playing the campaign twice. I wouldn’t even be as frustrated if you got some nice heads/skins for completing TVHM. But instead you get NOTHING. You can just activate M4 on your first playthrough and reap the same spoils.

True but this has changed in BL3, possibly to appeal to a broader player base and I’m all for it.

No sorry, as has been echoed in most of the replies, forcing people into multiple playthroughs when TVHM has primarily existed for advanced players to test synergised builds and not as a top tier reward shelf is not a good idea.

To split the Mayhem 2.0 as you suggest would mean placing the very best loot types behind a difficulty wall and there have been at length discussions on here concluding that is also a bad idea.


@vCarpeDiemv. Absolutely. I cant add to your statement because you said it all! We should kind of have to earn the right for elite difficulty.

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I’ve been playing almost exclusively on Normal Mayhem since launch. I tried last month to go through the TVHM story to unlock Mayhem for TVHM and see what that was about. Not only did I not find much difference between Normal and TVHM (which is to be expected for non-mayhem anyway), but I found the story such a slog to get through that I’ve been stuck on Eden-6 for the better part of a month and will more than likely abandon the play through.

Seeing as to how there really isn’t much difference between normal mayhem and TVHM mayhem, I see no reason why the choice should be taken away from people. The rewards aren’t any different between Normal and TVHM mayhem, so the only determining factor for which to play is your own preference. There may be slightly more anointed spawns on TVHM, but otherwise they are identical and I’d hate to remove options from the game.


You get more anointed items in TVHM, and it gives the impression that more Badass/Anointed enemies spawn more often, resulting in more loot. Sauce.
So, you get a more difficult challenge and better rewards.
I like that it’s optional, everyone can play the game as they like, for example in BL2 with some characters I never did OP levels, I was fine with OP0.
And they should find a way to fix the matchmaking, maybe a middle ground between NM and TVHM so no matter what difficulty you’re playing, you can find people to play.

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I feel TVHM Mayhem is easier than Normal Mayhem because if you use the right element, you do more damage.

I honestly don’t see any extra difficulty in TVHM other that the matchmaking takes longer

Again, If you are using Mayhem mode (and I assume you do, cause it’s a muss in endgame) the modifiers are the same, no matter if it’s Normal Mayhem 1 or TVHM Mayhem 4.

I thought the TVHM has extra bonus dmg and penalty when using the wrong/correct elements? I saw a chart with those bonus/penalty on Normal vs TVHM

It’s only correct for raw Normal and TVHM. With Mayhem on, elemental bonus/penalty are always set to TVHM numbers.

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I have now the Mayhem modifiers are the same from NM to TVHM, but do the base modifiers change when you activate Mayhem?

What do you mean by base modifiers? The Normal one? Those are only if you play on Normal without Mayhem.

Thats weird isn’t the whole point of playing on normal is to not have to worry about things like that. They should make Mayhem normal not have the same penalties and bonuses as TVHM Mayhem.

Are you sure about this? I have never seen that stated anywhere else. Not that I am doubting you, but do you have a source for this? I’d like to look into it more.

It was posted here on the forums multiple times. I’ve heard about it here too, didn’t believe it so tested by myself in game and found out it was true.
Just go to Sanctuary on Normal mode, shoot the target dummy or vehicle and check the numbers, turn on or off the mayhem mode and shoot it again to see the difference in damage.

Here’s the thread where we were last discussing it.