Normal Mode Past Level 35 (Borderland Series As A Whole)

Basically, I wish the Borderlands series allowed you to level up and get gear past level 35 (37 for Fight For Sanctuary) without having to do the harder True Vault Hunter and Ultimate Vault Hunter difficulty modes.

Bl3 does this

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I understand the sentiment, but I seriously doubt you’ll see that implemented back in to the earlier games at this point.

On the bright side, the last two BL2 campaign DLCs do go to level 35 in normal, or you can start close to end-game at level 30.

Curious, do you mean you can keep leveling up in BL3 to max level even if you don’t do a TVHM playthrough? Because one of the things I don’t like about BL2/ TPS is that if you want to get to max level and get the maximum amount of skill points, you have to do TVHM and UVHM, which adds harder modifiers to the game, unlike BL1’s Playthrough 2, which simply has you redo the game but with missions starting at around level 33 and going up to level 50, but no modifiers.

I hope I am making sense. Curious, is it possible to do “Easy Mode” in True Vault Hunter Mode?

Yes, you can. GBX deliberately designed the game this way since they know that many of the people who purchase the game never go beyond the first play-through.

It’s faster to do this with Mayhem Mode unlocked (once you finish the main story) since then all maps will scale to your character level in NVHM, so XP gain will be faster. Certain content also scales to your level better than the story maps, but you’ll still get better XP with at least mayhem level 1.

If you mean the ‘easy’ versus ‘normal’ mode option you select when you start a character (and can change in the pause menu) then yes, you can do that. I’m not sure why you’d want to though - TVHM in BL3 scales fairly well.