Normal, TVHM, 4xChaos, Arenas, events...why always level 50 (or the same) then?

We have tons of different things we can select when we play. I play few hours a week if have no time, streamers play 40 hours a week. We’re both level 50. I don’t think it should be that way. There shoud be something (level ? something else to create) that makes a difference from casual to average to pro player.
I mean, I can be a casual, I call somebody to dupe me powerful gear and there we go, I can play like a pro ? I don’t like this. IMHO it should be modified.

The last thing we need is some sort of elitist caste system.


yeah…hard disagree with OP. we do NOT need this game to be ridiculous like that.

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Hi, I don’t understand what you mean here, pls can you explain. tnks

I do not understand, guardian ranks are already a thing?

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