Normals in HWRM

I learned that all the HW2 bumps we made are not going to work quite right. They sort of work but under some conditions they appear inverted. I struggled with this for a week until I finally broke down and asked scole for help.

So in a nut shell: For making normal maps HW2 used -Y and HWRM uses +Y. All I had to do is take the green channel and invert it and all is OK again :smiley:

I don’t know how many of you already know this and I didn’t find anything pertaining to it so I thought I should post it.


This is good to know. I had a similar problem when i made normal maps for NanoFX. I couldn’t figure out why they seemed backwards. Now i know, and can implement fix’s Thanks herby :smile:

Don’t thank me. Thank scole :smile: