Not 1 legendary drop, 2 entire

My wife and I started playing borderlands 3 a few months ago (wanted her to experience it she does NOT play any other games) she lived it… So, we moved on to borderlands 2 / the handsome collection . I wanted her to get to play every title. We played entire game including all DLCs - TWICE … and had NO legendaries…I didn’t even know there was a such thing as Rainbow Rarity because we didn’t see any of them, or cyan, or pink items… Every chest had only green or white… only got a few Rare (blues) and the only Epics from golden keys. She really was obviously very upset, hey a good sport skid the whole thing. I am furious that the game let her down so bad and for no reason either. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried deleting all data for the game + saves and started new characters. Can anyone help me??? Were willing to replay it again- IF the dros would be fair. Gearbox Support told me to come here because they can’t help… hopefully someone has an idea… because I’m stumped… We are playing on PS4 (split-screen). I hope someone has an idea…:pray:t2:

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bl3 spoiled you bl2 legendary drop is maybe 10 percent of bl3 snowmans train maybe your best bet


farm pyro petes barroom brawl use torgue coins to buy a dpuh

As noted by Diogenes, drop rates in BL2 (and TPS) are a lot lower than in BL3. The Golden Chest in BL2 (and TPS) does not contain legendaries - you get purple and e-tech (occasionally blue for COMs because these can have boosts up to +6).

I will admit to being surprised that you didn’t get a single legendary between the two of you in two play-throughs, but it’s not that uncommon and totally within the scope of the drop rates. That’s one of the reasons why GBX upped the rates in BL3 - only those willing to grind/farm BL2 are going to get significant numbers of legendaries, which is kind of the whole thing with the RPG genre. It doesn’t work for more casual players though.

Honestly, I still do run through BL2 from time to time, but more for the story and experience of levelling up characters. I’ve never really liked farming for stuff - just don’t have the patience for doing the same thing over and over. Reality is, though, that this is the best way to get specific legendaries (Hornet from Knuckledragger, Unkempt Harold from Savage Lee, etc)

This only spawns in the Commander Lilith DLC, so you wouldn’t see any at all in main game.

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I understand your frustration, but that is indeed BL2. I have made many a run through normal mode and gotten no legendaries, I think the most I ever got in one play through (without farming) was 2.

BL2 is a farming game, BL3 is a everything drops game. Do another playthrough (or go back to on you completed) and farm Savage Lee, or Gettle and Mobly, and in 10 or so runs on either you’ll pick up some legendary stuff.
Time is what BL2 demands from you for top gear.

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seems a bit odd that Uranus in the FFS DLC isn’t dropping legendaries, thought he pretty much dropped one every time you fought him, but maybe that’s only on higher difficulties…

Commander Lilith DLC is a preview of the legendary loot drop rates in BL3.

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