Not a fan of ASE/N2M changes

As an Amara player this just pisses me off they did this. Like hey, maybe instead of gutting already fun and viable VH why not give OTHER VH a way to proc these anointments more regularly?

Anyone that complained about this is full of ■■■■. There was nothing wrong with how these anoints worked on Amara. But yes, it makes total sense to ■■■■ over this one VH to make them suck like the others.

It’s just unacceptable that instead of owning the nuanced dynamic and making it a more regular part of the game they would rather just gut it and remove it “for balance”.

Thanks devs for just making the game that much worse.


You’re basically saying keep the broken mechanics on Amara and instead of removing it, to make things fair, find a way to apply the same mechanic on other VHs?


Bull ■■■■. They could easily have just made other characters have more options to keep the anoints proc’d.

My point is that rather than keeping the cool fun stuff as part of the game and making the game BETTER for everyone else in the process they decide to instead make the game worse for some at the sake of the others.

Nothing about this was overpowered or broken. They could easily have changed anoints or action skills to make them proc more often.


Basically yes except there’s nothing broken about how these anoints work on Amara.

It’s the same stupid rhetoric over and over. “Oh your character is too strong, we need to nerf them.” Instead of “Oh your character is stronger than the others let’s BUFF THEM SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE THE FUN.”


So basically you’re complaining because you chose to center your entire way of playing the game around abusing a known exploit with the absurd expectation that it wouldn’t get fixed eventually?


They literally added the cannon to Zane so he can proc the ase anoints as easily as Amara could. So to say Amara had an unfair advantage just doesn’t hold weight and Moze Could take way better advantage of asa anoints before Amara could. They didn’t bother to change that

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Exactly the type of BS I’m talking about. “What your character does is broken and they should fix it.” No it’s not broken at all. It’s just fine. Why don’t we allow the OTHERS to do this sort of thing as well.

From a purely design perspective, it’d make sense to take the fun thing from the 1 guy and give it to all the other guys.

Your replies are exactly why the devs can’t balance this game right. Because they listen to this for some reason.


How about everyone calms down?

Becoming emotional over some one becoming emotional about something (or at least the claim) doesn’t add to a conversation, only detracts.

Nothing needs to be said that couldn’t be said with reasoning in lieu of insults.

Any further instances will be met with action, so please abstain from them.

Because the point of action skill END anoints is your action skill needs to END not automatically go off CD and give you the buff. That’s the point you seem to be missing. And if you centered your whole game experience around fakegrasping then might I suggest actually using your skill and picking up some cooldown rolls on gear? You’ll possibly find it to be more fun


Phasecast can still easily proc the anoint, cant it? The capstone also allows you to proc it once more If you need it again before the cooldown, doesnt it?


Phase cast sucks and it completely shuts down the spiritual driver build

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What have they done? I play phaseslam and I’m not noticing anything different.

I do actually use my skill a LOT but I fakegrasp to stack my bonuses and get my speed boost before I pick a target.

The point you seem to MISS is that it’d make a lot more sense to just give the other characters ways to do this because it’s a fun and interesting way to play the game. Now the game is objectively LESS interesting because they removed a dynamic.


I feel like the removal of Fakegrasp and Fakeburst is a positive change. Fakegrasp did not exist upon release (it was patched in about a month after release) and was only added because Phasegrasp would be used and missed, but not actually proc, so Amara couldn’t even use her action skill if she missed the target. I am not sure whether Fakeburst existed, but either way, the only reason it was used by players is the anointment system. It is really clear that this mechanic was not intended.

Further, in reference to Amara anyway, she can proc her action skill so often that it really is inconsequential. Cooldown on all of her action skills is really low and can be made even lower.

I am sorry that folks are upset about the removal of these ways to proc anointments, but it seems to me personally that this is a good thing for the game. Don’t get me wrong, I was not happy either when GBX removed multiple projectiles, but I do have to admit it improved the game in many ways, and not just the performance. I think we eventually will believe the same thing about Fakegrasp/Fakeburst.


This arguments already been had it’s called the moze and fl4k nerfs while zane sucked and amara was op broken so yay I guess now we’re all even and every one knows how every one else feels lol


Still standing by my statement. It didnt seem to have been working as intended, as the other dude stated it was removed then other changes brought it back. Either way it’s gone, I do not intend on talking in circles anymore.


It doesn’t matter if it was in the game at launch or not, there was nothing actually wrong with it. You just make Amara worse for no reason other than “balance” or “skill” neither of which actually exist in Borderlands.

Also God forbid someone do something that is both fun AND effective. You can’t be serious with this.


If they were going to fix this fakegrasping thing they should have done it a long time ago because alot of people got use to playing that way and they never changed it i dont see why they took it out after so long i always thought it was working as it was intended i would be pissed if i was a amara main thats for sure i dont use her much but i do have a amara terror build that just got destroyed by this patch terror no longer applies every 3 seconds which means you cant regen ammo fast enough with amara i hope it gets fixed soon.


cutpurse launch pad not working to regen ammo?

It’s not really that bad tbh amara still curbstomps just swap to the 200% damage anoint and play more intelligently problem solved