Not a good experience so far online

Nothing to do with the game, love it
Just had my first online game and went miko as I wanted to be a healer but I was struggling as I’m getting used to the pace of the game. Within 2 minutes, he send me a message saying heal people, OK fair enough 2 minutes later he said heal and also used an swear word at the same time. Now my daughter is also playing split screen and offensive private messages is not fair. Wouldn’t mind if he sent me a hint on improving. The first time I’ve been upset with a community on a game.

Sorry to rant on.

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Don’t confuse one or a couple of rude people for the community. No matter where you go there will be those people, but there are also so many helpful friendly people as well.


Yep you are right. Trying to find out to block him on ps4. Never had to do this before

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You’re going to have to get used to playing PvP games and expecting people to not tolerate your performances. After all, in a PVP, what matters more is the question, “Did you win or lose?” Not everyone is out there hunting for fun because to some, winning is the fun part.If a player is performing really well, he is NOT going to be happy with people dragging him down.

For every loss, you are actually losing 20-30 minutes of your valuable time on a game that might be ruined because of a few players being horrible. Let’s say I play 3 games and 2 of them have a bunch of complete newbies. That’s 40 minutes to an hour wasted on a game that would have been an enjoyable win without the dead weights.

So yeah, if you want a happy caring community, queue with a group of 5. That’s the only way to play without an angry message every few moments because in a PVP community, there is no safespace.


If you go to “Recently Played” list under your “Friends” on your PS dashboard, you should see users from the last game. If you remember the person’s name, you can block them by selecting them and choosing the block option.


That still does not give the player a right to send abusive messages

This is for zeitzbach

The one that is performing badly can’t make any demands. This has been the unspoken rule for ages in the PvP community. Toxicity is a core part of every PvP games. There is no PvP game where the bad player is treated with care and love. It just differs in how abusive the chat and treatment can be.

BB game is quite soft when it comes to being abusive, in fact.

I’ve played plenty of competitive games which ended with “gg” despite how a few of the users may have been playing. Expressing frustration at random matches seems exceptionally unnecessary.

I would personally suggest to anyone who is being verbally abused by a user, to report that user.

Again, while I do not speak for Gearbox I can almost assure you that they urge their user base to be polite and generally friendly. While they cannot be the arbiters of interactions on platforms, they do very much promote it.

@biggriff27uk If the user sent you abusive messages, please do report them, especially if the messages are of a concerning nature.

80% of the players that I’ve come across in my 35 hours of Battleborn on release have been really friendly encounters, so friendly that I wish I would be able to chat with enemies aswell, or at least at the end of the game.

I’ve seen my team say “gg” tons of times despite enemies not hearing it.


Agreed, but it still happens.

I don’t know how good PS is about it, but on Xbox you have a report button on all messages, if you report something and it has curse words or other inappropriate language, the user will get punished, they start with just banning them for a day or two from communication and start ramping up from there if they keep offending.

I found out the hard way that they actually do check all messages sent when I let my step brother use my Xbox over a weekend… got a 2 day ban after he told someone to go kill themselves.

Some people just overreact a bit. Had a pve match with two randoms who both had not played the mission before, I was helping guide them through it, and one decides he wants to just break boxes and stuff, so no problem there, me and the other guy were just waiting on the…pad…thingys, while he broke stuff. Unnntil, the other guy puts on his headset to cuss him out. Some people are just toxic, and do not consider who may be on the other side of the connection. I couldn’t do something like that, I would feel horrible ruining the game for some child who just got it. Some people take it too seriously, it is fine to be irritated, but cussing somone out will not make them a better player. I remember spending hours on Destiny raids helping first timers through, I love helping them. People will only get better through experience, not getting cussed at for poor or undesired performance.

It happens man. Don’t take it to heart. Just report the guy, block him, and move on.

Agreed though, most people I’ve played with online so far have been very friendly.

In my opinion if people can’t have fun without winning every time then maybe they shouldn’t be playing games. That and perhaps they should take a good look at themselves. There’s no need to be toxic to other players just because they aren’t performing to your standards.


Welcome to healing where no matter how good of job you do people are still going to hate you for it.


Truth, they speak it.

Most people think every healer js there healer, not the teams. I just stop healing people who are stupid about it. It’s not like miko or any other healer has the ability to mass heal a ross the map.

Had a game where someone chose Ambra and another teammate started cursing the person because “She’s not a healer! What are you going you idiot!”

We absolutely destroyed that match, and at the end the same person still found the need to tell my friend he sucked because he got the least amount of kills.

Some people are just way too aggressive, but I’ve played other games where those types are more rampant. For the most part peeps seem to be alright on Battleborn, although I still expect to see and hear more trash talk, especially if they introduce ranked matchmaking.

i had a match where pretty much everyone died in story near beginning and this guy was like
" wow you guys suck you know what no no" and he quit
even though he also died because he rushed in to a bunch of those guys with machine guns and shields. would just mute everyone or find people on forum to play with.

I honestly get so sidetracked trying to stay alive that it’s a good few seconds before a realise the Miko on my team is healing me. I wholly appreciate it every single time, even if I only get healed for 5 points in a whole match I’ll likely remember it. I wouldn’t even notice if a Miko didn’t heal me in a match, so I don’t understand these people who hate on you for it :worried: I guess I’m just not that aggressively competitive

Ahahah yes, this happens in every multiplayer game with healer class. Compared to most game I’ve played, I’m really not seeing it a lot so far in BB though. i’ve seen several peoples complain about a miko that really wasn’t healing in our team (which is an understandable case, although this shouldn’t be said with swearing/insulting obviously), but I’ve seen like 20 times more “thanks” from player than “heal???!?” when miko was healing.
That’s a very awesome ratio in a pvp/pve game lol x).

Most of the time…
I did get a message from a guy once thought “Great healing” and he invited me and we played some more games.

But most of the times, everyone is angry when you do not heal them. Everyone simply expects you to heal everyone at the same time. XD

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