Not a lot of activity

These forums do not seem to have much activity at the moment. Is there anything going on or is there not a lot of traffic at the moment?

Forum traffic has its highs and lows. Something will happen to make it spike again, like a patch or other news.
But it is quiet throughout the other categories as well.

More than half of the posts are from months ago

I think someone put a gag order on the devs…

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Most of them haven’t said things in days

They haven’t posted in weeks…

We saw a brief message from bitvenom on the Facebook group. They’re hard at work making our favorite games even better. Speaking from experience, engaging on forums and in chat rooms can really knock you out of the zone when trying to concentrate on stuff like that, so that explains their absence. They’ll be back, eventually. :slight_smile:


Let’s hope that the game is Homeworld because another patch is a good thing.

probably do have a gag order on them, knowing gbx.

So we will probably only know what is happening when it comes out. Typical GBX.:slight_smile: :frowning:

Are 6 month old posts supposed to stay open without any activity at all for most of that? Are they supposed to be locked or something because accidentally posting in non active threads is quite annoying .

They are left open. As in there is no timer we can set that will auto-lock after X amount of time since the last post.

But generally we do lock necro’d threads if the thread itself dosnt contain any useful/relevant info or if the new post didn’t contribute anything. Every thread is different though. Not all 6 month old necros necessarily need to be locked.
But you are welcome to report any you think need to be and we will review it.

mods + patches + dlc will keep it goin’, just be patient …

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GBX is in the middle of an office move also.

Yeah, I hear that. Though I imagine a lot of their work can be done remotely, I wouldn’t put too much credence into that.

People have to work usually if they want to get paid.

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C o l o r
Sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue:

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A bit more speech from the devs, that is good news!