Not a viable character to take into TVHM for me

I’m gonna give up on him

I had fun chopping bandits down and getting my health pack and sometimes exploding ppl with last chance dynamite

but yeh, that’s it

@IceCat763 i think you should reconsider, having very recently learnt how to play Kreig properly you might say, as i thought he was just a FotFh and hitting yourself in the head all the time (and i couldn’t be further from the truth) i think it wasn’t until i got deep into, and in UVHM that Kreig began to shine and became a powerhouse., worth a look. @Enderborn1 helped me understand there is many way of playing Kreig and has been a great help along with others on the forum. I have mild epilepsy so FotFh and Hellborn Kreig were things i just avoided but i can honestly say that with a Kreig at 72 and getting ready for the Peak i’m having more fun now than ever with Kreig, he may even be my favorite toon yet… #Bloodsplosion Rules!


If you still want to return back to Krieg, try this out :

Basic Melee build for level 50. Just get a decent Roid/Adaptive Shield (if you can farm for them just get the Neogenator, Rough Rider or Love Thumper) and a good Sickle COM. The rest is up to you.
For the spec, just get all the way down to Bloodsplosion. Speccing into Hellborn is optional but if you really want to, go for Delusional Damage and Pain is Power.

You can do whatever you want, but Krieg is maybe the best character for TVHM, you’re just playing him wrong buddy :slight_smile:

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umm yeh, I think Axton really starts to shine around level 40 or so, very good gun damage
I also plan to use the +25% melee damage relic I got so Axton will still do good melee damage

m Krieg is doing pathetic gun damage, and looking at his skill tree I don’t see that improving

Then just spec into Blood Bath and use a Torgue Shotgun, you’ll see how crazy he can go.


What Enderborn1 said- shotguns are a strength for Krieg, especially Torgue shotguns when specced into any of his explosive skills. Krieg can also go toe to toe with ultimate badass loaders and come out on top- not any of the other VH could possible make that claim (not counting Sal or melee Zero)…

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I’d go with something like this instead. You really don’t need StV until the OP levels as long as you have a good roid shield (it doesn’t have to be the Hide, a LT works just fine). As for the COM, a Rage Meat, reaper, and blister all work just fine.

Let me make sure I read that right. Axton does good melee damage? No, I’m sure I read that right. Even with a melee relic, Axton can’t hold a candle to Krieg when it comes to melee damage @ level 50. If you want to go melee, either play Krieg or Zer0, none of the other VHs can even come close except for Sal with Fistfull of Hurt, but that’s a melee override and has a cooldown. Let me rephrase that: none of the other VHs can come close to the consistent melee damage those two can pump out.


Wait till you get the capstone in the melee tree first, Release the Beast before you give up on him. With that skill your
cooldown is reset completely after every rampage so long as you activate it below 1/3rd health.That skill changes everything and for a while he will basically play himself (until UVHM, where he’s still basically the easiest class to bring through).


I will add this: don’t take Light the Fuse during TVHM. It scales really well through NVHM and UVHM, but it is absolutely terrible in TVHM. As long as you’re in that mode, you will be better served using regular FFYL. Then spec back into it once you hit UVHM.

My Bandit Siren likes melee :smirk:

Krieg for me was a straight trajectory from level 20 ( when I could max Bloodbath ) to 72. I didn’t have a single awkward moment. I played specifically to Bloodbath using a Blister - again right up until 72 - and had fewer deaths than any other character.

This was my bible :

Alright, effective melee. :dukejk:


We all have our opinions, good ones, bad ones and sometimes misguided ones. The beauty of this game is there is more or less a character to suit everyone’s play-style.

Each and every VH has something great to offer. You like to snipe, you got it. Want to run & gun, you got it. Want to melt face, you got it. And if you wish to go berserk and smash everyone’s head in with an axe, then you got that too. And so on.

The truth is there is no ‘best character’ per se. Only your own personal preference, your own personal choice and of course your own personal opinion!

Good luck with whomever you choose my friend. And most importantly have fun with them! :relaxed:


Really unsure what problems you are having, if anything krieg has the worst time in nvhm because of action skill cooldown, as soon as RtB can be picked up, you are pretty much immortal… Ive been running it again myself through the entire game, hes pretty much the easiest and funnest character to level up since you dont really need to farm anything… Pick up a rough rider at some point, a decent tesla to bring your stacks up and a Sickle com that boosts StV, any health relic is great.
No specific gear needed until op levels outside of the rough rider (although a good adaptive can also do the trick for most of the game)

His issue could be that he simply finds Krieg uninteresting to play- lots of folks hate Sal too :slight_smile:- doesn’t mean that they’re wrong not to play them, especially if they’ve played them thru normal at least…


thanks for your replies guys

I like to do good gun damage too (not just shotguns) that is all

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Here it is, every gun that works on Krieg :smiley: !

And to be honest, you can wreck with a Fastball and a Vladof TMP if you want, especially in TVHM.